How To Become A Tour Guide

      Hello Rebels!

Note: To become a Tour Guide, your penguin must be 45 days old. Refer back to this guide if you have not currently met the criteria!

I will be showing you how to become a Tour Guide which is unlockable at the booth outside the Ski Village and Everyday Phoning Facility (EPF). This is what it looks like on your map and in the room itself:

After clicking on the Tour Stand (circled above), you will get this popup:

Click on the section highlighted. This will then take you to the Test in which you will be asked 8 questions which are all random from the list below. There are a total of 14 questions.

After submitting your 8 correct answers, you will receive another popup saying:

Click on ‘Receive the Tour Guide Hat’ to finally claim your hat that you worked hard for ;’)

After doing so, another popup with the award will come up:

Make sure you click ‘Yes’ otherwise you will have to start the test again.

And that’s it! Congratulations on becoming a Tour Guide in Club Penguin Rewritten!

Note: As of March 2019, Tour Guides will be getting paid 250 coins every month.

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