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Seeing the current actions of our “brother” ally LGA, it’s time we release an official statement.

LGA has been allied with RPF for a very long time. We’ve always welcomed them with open arms, helping them in any way we could. However, it seems LGA does not agree with this assessment. LGA’s leadership has made recent claims that RPF hasn’t helped them ever since Ultipenguinj retired from the Federation.
Not only is this immensely disrespectful to the efforts of the current RPF leaders, it simply isn’t true. There have been numerous times where RPF has helped LGA with many enemies, including both before and after Ulti’s retirement.

  • RPF helping LGA defend their capital server “Great White” from RFCP
  • RPF helping LGA protect Great White again, this time from DCP 
  • RPF helping out LGA in the face of DW invasion on their servers. Crazzy talked with DW leaders and discussed not invading LGA land. DW leadership made a group chat with an LGA leader to discuss a possible alliance, and assistance in invasions. DW cancelled their invasion against LGA, so in turn, nothing ended up happening. It seemed at the time that LGA’s leadership greatly appreciated Crazzy’s efforts.

Regardless of this repeated help, it still seems LGA’s leadership feels like RPF hasn’t been helping them at all, with their High Command making disrespectful comments towards the current leadership as they made this clear.

LGA allies with RPF enemies:

In July, LGA decided to become allied with DCP, clear RPF enemies since May. They became involved in an alliance (New Dawn Alliance) against our brother allies IW and DW (before the Black Ice Alliance became public). Upon seeing RPF’s entry into the ensuing war on DCP, LGA quickly pulled out, but their decision to ally with DCP has not gone unnoticed. Their decision to endorse the actions of an army who have shown nothing but disrespect to RPF has struck us like a betrayal from a once-close ally. 

In addition to this, LGA has recently become close allies with RFCP, an infamous army whose leader has shown inappropriate behaviour in both public and private domains. LGA, former enemies of RFCP, allied with them despite all the known evidence against RFCP about how sick of a community it is.

Mature content below:

RFCP Leader texting a 12-year-old 

Gathering between RFCP troops and their leader Prior Bumble. They don’t verify the ages of people taking part in their “sexual channels” and these in-game sexual meetups, and there’s also been numerous underage members involved before.

Conversations like these are common in RFCP main-chat. It’s quite sickening to see the leader of the community act like this. They were also banned from the previous Club Penguin Army league because of stuff like this.

An RFCP troop calling out Prior Bumble for his sickening acts in public chats, also mentioning the fact that there are underage troops present there.

We could go on and on about the disgusting actions of RFCP leader, but there are already tons of posts outlining that. This isn’t even the worst of it, just the scratched surface. You get the idea of just how sick the RFCP really is. It’s humiliating to see that LGA has descended down to a level at which they have to ally with such a disgraceful army.
If you’d like to read more about RFCP’s sickening actions, here‘s a story that was covered by the CPAM now known as CPAH which goes deeper into the RFCP community and exposes them.

Furthermore, LGA took actions that would directly benefit their ally RFCP ahead of RPF. 

LGA interfering with RPF battle against RFCP:

Assisting them by transferring servers so that RPF wouldn’t be able to force a treaty on RFCP following our invasion of Yukon, because as a result of this transfer it wouldn’t be the only server that RFCP had. RPF has tried to keep our relationship with LGA as healthy as possible, even helped them all the times they asked for it. Nonetheless, this is how LGA have chosen to repay us for it.

Looking on ahead:

RPF doesn’t feel comfortable by LGA’s current actions that include: Claiming that RPF doesn’t help them at all. Allying with our enemy DCP, and allying with an army known to be exploitative of minors.

Looking at all of this, from this day on, RPF and LGA are no longer allies. 

We advise to our troops that you leave LGA servers at once, and report any form of troop stealing (persuasion, DMing server invites, being offered other ranks, or just asked to check out the server) to the HCom.

We hope you all understand the frustration that LGA has given to RPF.

RPF Rebel Commander, Cosmo
RPF Rebel Commander, Crazzy


Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game

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