Welcome back to the thirteenth issue of the Meme Column! Each month we take a look back at all the funny RPF trends and memes! Keep reading below as we take a look a look back at all the humorous moments!

Joe ‘E-Boy’ Jonas

Earlier in March, we had Ausia U-Lead event Operation: Best Song Ever, in which everyone dressed up as boy band members. Of course, names and profile picture didn’t stay behind, giving us a good look into the boy band preferences of both troops and staff. And it looks like Joe Jonas, one of the Jonas brothers, is an E-Boy now, courtesy of EmeraldGreen.

The Great Abolishing of 2IC

This April marks the anniversary of the Great 2IC Abolishing, documented by our great colonel tesaurum. Truly a great year of absent 2IC, who left us to fend for ourselves. May we never forget this.

Fools of April

April’s Fools was, naturally, a day of chaos and humor. Air Force and Navy swapped places, all the miscellaneous channels were scrambled and main chat was deleted (but could still be accessed somehow). Officers became white as snowflakes and HCOM turned both their names and frowns upside down. Hope it didn’t become too confusing for you!


On one fateful day, Rebel Bot and Corporal Rebel RUSTEZE41 got into a fight, in which both threatened to hack the other. Later, Rebel bot was suspiciously found to be broken. RUSTEZE41 also proceeded to make a controversial suggestion for TOTW. For his crimes against humanity and Rebel Bot, he was put in bad penguin jail. Fortunately, 2IC Yvng proved mercyful and allowed the other rebels to free him by attending the upcoming event. Peace has returned to RPF, for now…

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for next month where we highlight all the funny memes of the next month: April! If you have any meme suggestions or want submit some spicy memes, feel free to dm z3ming#4444, anya#1288 or imatsoup#8518! ‘Til that day, stay spicy!

( imatsoup ) – ( Major Gen ) – ( Meme Columnist )

Special thanks to our General Coric for creating the graphics and Rebel Commanders Elexonck for making signatures!

Thanks for reading!

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