Meme Column #14 – April 2022

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Meme Column! Get ready for a recap of all the funny trends and moments in the RPF Discord server. We’re covering everything that happened this past month of April, and it was a busy one!

CPRewritten Shutdown

On April 13th, CPRewritten shut down at Disney’s request; Club Penguin was kil, yet again. While devastated, we made the most of the situation with humour, recruiting, and as you can see above, praying. Hundreds of people joined the server this day, and we hit 13,000 server members!

Minion Movie Night

After a huge influx of members, we hosted a minions movie night, and there were over 100 votes for which movie to watch! As usual, many minion related shenanigans ensued during the movie.

Unibrow Takeover

Rebels turned into Stu’s penguin from CPRewritten, and all added unibrows to their profile pictures, as well as making some stupefying puns!

Coke Zero Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation rebranded to the Coke Zero Federation! The server played into the idea of being a Coke Zero army, while F6 pondered in #meeting what life would be like with someone who loves Coke Zero as much as him.

Club Minion

That’s right, the minions are back; you can never truly escape them. This time, people pondered what it would be like if instead of different coloured penguins, you played as different coloured minions, and changed their profile pictures accordingly!

Thanks for checking out this month’s memes and comical occurences. Stay tuned for next month, and we’ll cover all the wild occurences that occur this May!

Thank you to Coric and Elex for the signature GFX!

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