Welcome back to the 16th edition of Meme Column! The column in which we look back on all the funny things that happened in RPF. This edition we’re covering everything that happened in the month of June, so keep reading!

Bonding with the Bromies

Not a month goes by without a name trend! To show our bro-raderie with each other, everyone changed their name to be bro-tastic. Bro…

RPF Club House Hause

RPF sometimes feels like a TV show. Not survivor or Bridgerton, but Mickey Mouse Club House. And with the help of our dear visitor Rai, we became RPF Club Hause. May we have plenty of fun adventures with our friends and hopefully that really cool house I would actually live in.


Ever since we found out about the Applebruh emote on CPAB, troops, mods and hcom have been divided on whether or not this emote is a blessing from the heavens or a curse from the devil. Will we ever escape it? Probably not.

That is all folks! Thanks for reading this edition of the Meme Column! Stay tuned for the next edition that will cover July!

Special thanks to Elex and Coric for the signatures!

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