Welcome to the 18th edition of the Meme Column, where we look back on the funny trends and moments that happened in RPF! This edition, we’re looking back at the month of August, and all the craziness that came with it.

Bean Sock

Bean Sock is love. Bean Sock is life. We proved as such with a bean themed event, where we crowned LittySkitty as a true Beansock Enthusiast. We even got a temporary command to grace our chat with the legendary beans. All hail Bean Sock!

Summer Olympics 2022

It was time for the great Summer Olympics again, with this year’s theme being Phineas and Ferb! RPF was, like usual, split into four themes and many had fun changing their names and pfp’s to fit the Olympics! The four teams fought hard and in the end Team Inator reigned victorious! Read the results of the Olympics here!

Rebel Bot Dies (oof)

In the midst of the Olympics and before one of the EU events, our beloved Rebel Bot suddenly stopped working. No Rebel Bot meant no commands, no .eventreaction and no rebel cash button. But no worries, she was resurrected as soon as possible. After all, what would we do without Rebel Bot?

Picrew Trend (yet again)

It’s not a real month if there isn’t a picrew trend. Thus, once again, staff and troops alike changed their pfp to a very cute avatar, styling on the picrew pfp haters. Will another pfp trend happen in September?

Thanks for tuning in for this month’s Meme Column! Stay prepared for next month, in which we will cover all the funny moments that happened in September!


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