Meme Column #25 – April to June 2023

Welcome to the 25th edition of the Meme Column! Get ready for another recap of all the funny trends and moments RPF Discord server. We’re covering all the crazy things that happened in this past months of April until June!

Picrew Trend

The rebels embarked on yet another picrew trend! This one shows everyone just laying back and hanging out, as one does in RPF main chat.

Huge Text

Discord went a little haywire one day this month, in which putting a hashtag before your message would make the text huge. Were they testing a potential new feature, or was this simply a mistake? Either way, it was fun while it lasted!

Debby Ryan Takeover

RPF celebrates its Sweet 16, as did Debby Ryan in 16 Wishes, so HCOM embodied her celebrating this occasion!


Everyone becomes Cosmo. Why? Because “sure why not”. Even #main-chat became Cosmo!

Thanks for checking out this month’s memes and comical occurences. Stay tuned for next month, and we’ll cover all the wild occurences that occur this May!

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