Welcome back to the eighth issue of the Meme Column! Each month we take a look back at all the funny RPF trends and memes! Keep reading below as we take a look a look back at all the humorous moments!

Mouthwash Mania

After seeing a mouthwash gif, Master Sergeant ford requests a channel called #mouth-wash to promote it! Third in Command z3ming decides to edit the ranks to put ford on top at the Mouthwash rank! Using his new position, ford even tried to get RPF Rebel Rocket to brush his teeth!


After Scout Medic MegaMatthew75 won a custom role, he decided to name it BOWTIE PASTA IS SUPERIOR #Bring Back Pasta Names! A few of our members to indeed bring back pasta inspired names! Could this be influenced by the famous butter pasta??

Rebel Banker Is Sus!

Possibly missing Rebel Bot, our good friend Rebel Banker decided to play some Among Us! Lieutenant General alienn decided to even ask for the room code to join in on the fun! I wonder who the imposter was!😳

Club Penguin Memes

Each month, we choose a few memes to feature from our #memes channel related to RPF or CPR! Make sure to post your memes there to be possibly be featured! Those featured will be awarded 1000 Rebel Cash as well!

In the LCXI mood, this creation made by Captain imatsoup features a Help Force penguin and an RPF Penguin based on the popular TikTok with similar lyrics!

With the RPF Olympics recently ending, we saw many of the top scorers have large scores but we saw some that did not! This meme made by Major fooe showcases how no matter your score in the competitions, it’s the team spirit and contribution that matters at the end of the day!

A creation by General Cracked showcases the number of pings that have came from our #mascot-tracker as a result of the CPR hitting 10 million players! Make sure to check out the channel for the chance to meet many of your favorite mascots!

This meme sent by Third in Command jaeun shows the struggled of loading into CPR. Using the loading screen we see the browser preventing a log-in: a real struggle for those of us who try to log into events late.

That’s all we got for this month Rebels! Stay tuned next month as we highlight all the memes of September. If you have any meme suggestions or want to submit any memes, feel free to DM Yodabobobo#9250, mars#8191, or Mariishu#3915! Until then keep staying funny Rebels!

Yodabobobo~Third in Command, Meme Columnist

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  1. Imatsoup/cryptida/AtSoupStore

    *makes meme in like 30 minutes as a joke*
    *meme gets features in meme column*

    Me: *surprised pikachu face*

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