[IMPORTANT] New Ranking System?

From Rebel Commander Twitchy543:

Hello Rebels!

Pretty awkward that this is my first post returning to the leadership of the Rebel Federation (for the fifth time…), but that’s neither here or there. We have something to discuss, and that is the ranking system.

Back when the Rebel Federation was using xat, the ranking system was much smaller, and divided into only three categories in order to reflect the roles on xat: owners, moderators, and members. Members could only talk. Moderators could only kick, and ban for up to 6 hours. Owners could do everything moderators could, except they could ban forever.

When the Rebel Federation moved to Discord, we simply changed the names of some of these categories. Owners became known as the High Command, moderators became known as Officers, and members became known as, well, troops I guess… we never really made an official name for them.

I was the one who advocated for moving the Rebel Federation to Discord (obligatory notice of my narcissism), and one of the reasons I did that is because I believed that we should break away from the simplistic owner/moderator/member categories that we used on xat. The problem is when we did move to Discord, we kept using relatively the same system that xat offered.

So instead, I would like to suggest a new system as follows:

The image above displays the permissions on the Discord server that each rank has, along with the current ranking system on the left, and the proposed new ranking system on the right to compare to.

I’ve been discussing this system thoroughly with the High Command, the Officers, my advisors… everyone, but we can’t seem to come to a thorough conclusion. So with that being said, I would like to hear from you: the troops.

Please vote on the poll below AND comment the following: your name, your rank, and your opinion on the proposed new system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The results of this poll and comments below do not determine what will happen. This is for myself, the High Command, the Officers, and the Advisors to review so we can see what you, the troops, want, and help us to better formulate our opinions so that we can decide on what the best option for you will be.

We look forward to hearing from you guys!

Fight the good fight.


  1. **Name:** Twitchy543
    **Rank:** Rebel Commander

    I mean I suggested it so obviously I like it. My only problem with it is that is may discourage some troops by setting the end goal further away, however I tried to counter that by adding in more categories so that there’s a stronger feeling of progression along the way. At the end of the day, it comes down to each of you help us decide. I believe that you guys collectively know what is best for the army.

  2. BScharbach2
    Brigadier General
    I really love the idea of a more complex ranking system and this is perfect for the job. It will be great for growth if this army if implemented

  3. Zeavro
    Brigadier General ^^

  4. I’m unsure of what choice to make, but I’m fine with whichever. The new ranking system is more challenging though :O

  5. probrably the new ranking system

  6. Cheese
    Lt. General

    New ranking system for discord is long overdue i think, and is logical. Makes sense to put ppl back a few ranks also. Me personally, i know what i can achieve and how far I can reach etc, so its not that big of deal being pushed back a few ranks. ftgf

  7. TheDogbone1

    I like the new system. It looks great. But really I like the system how it is now

    • That’s understandable, I imagine a lot of people would like the current system because of how used to it they are. But remember innovation is about moving forward. Imagine how the world today would look if we never made progress from how the world used to be!

      Although you like the current system better, would you be upset if we implemented the new one?

  8. Jimmy38983
    Major General

  9. Hexxer
    First Lieutenant

    I agree to this new ranking system since there is more roles and ranks being added, I like the old ranking system more, just no more new ranks added and level up more easier

  10. veagan
    I voted
    I also think that the system has flaws because ranks would get a bit downgraded and people would ask why but also with the addition of more mods with different abilities comes the irrelevancy of a lot of mod perks are very average in comparison to the last mod rank
    EG: junior mod vs mod will just be the ability to manage channels and a lot of people with this rank won’t do it anyway.
    also, I would really like to get the rank names from late 2017 as I think those were the best rank names… and if not then just bring back second in command and scout medic and I’ll be happy

  11. Ixythe?
    N/A (former Brigadier General)

    I think that this ranking system looks perfect. With more ranks, soldiers can take a long step to level up smoothly.

  12. JakeTheBird
    I agree with the new system

  13. 1337Mishka
    Lieutenant Major

    I personally am not a big fan of the idea as it will make mod ranks seem less important and I feel it would cause a lot of issues as we would be giving permissions to probably 3 times the amount of people that currently have permissions. There would be a lot more opportunity for abuse and a lot more opportunity for mistakes and I feel the old ranking system is better because it really makes sure that you understand rpf and are dedicated to it by the time you reach a rank with permissions.

    If this is about having more people moderate the discord then I think it is not a necessary change as we have enough moderators to do that.

    I just feel like adding these new roles will just diminish the value of the mod rank. Currently you are just a troop until receive mod rank but with the new ranking system it would be like “yay mod, yay mod again, yay mod a 3rd time” adding the new ranking system would make it less special to have reached the mod rank. that being said I wouldn’t be against adding new ranks as long as they are not given the new permissions stated above and we also increase the chance of double promos and increase the amount of promos given out. Currently mod to me shows that you are dedicated to the army. “The mods” are the people who have worked hard to reach where they are (obviously people in hcom have worked even harder) and their rank would show thar effort. Although any rank will show how much effort you put into rf adding so many “mod roles” will just make mod seem a less important milestone.

    p.s. Rnm?
    p.p.s Posting?
    P.p.p.s mod leads?

  14. Yugi
    Major General
    I like the new ranking system.

  15. Dino (Dino#0558)
    I love the new ranking system and while I love the old Xat days, this could still work in my opinion. I’m a former RPF Xat Moderator so seeing this that Senior Moderators would most likely become something similar to the old days, I am fine with this.

    • I’ve been in armies since 2008 so trust me, I miss em too. They hold a lot of nostalgic value to me. But despite that Commando and I are the two most innovative people in the army 😂

  16. HelloGoodSir
    My opinion is basically what Zeavro said

  17. kellis
    second lieutenant
    I really dont have a preference

  18. Plesiosaurus
    Staff Sergeeant
    I like it because I’ve been trying to work my way up to master sergeant for months but I haven’t been active enough to deserve a promotion. Staff Sergeant and Gunnery Sergeant are a nice inbetween.

  19. Umar
    Serg Major
    I like the system but it is a bit unfair on exisisting mods to have some power taken away but like mb give em a rank which gives them that back if they are trusted?
    But gg Twitchy nice idea which can be implemented smoothly very soon.

    • The current moderators right now will have the same exact permissions in the new system as they do right now! We’d actually be creating a category ABOVE them (senior moderators) that includes more permissions closer to what the High Command have, such as the ability to kick and ban users.

  20. cassie
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I definitely like this new system. The whole thing just seems like a nice change that RF could do well with. More ranks, although people can still get promoted quickly, allows for there to not be a million people in one rank or too many people stuck at colonel, like there has been in the past.

  21. Reyder
    Deputy Commander
    I’m perfectly OK with getting a new rank system, it would be beneficial to allow more time for growth in troops. Permissions are OK, may need to be revised somewhat but other than that I think it’s good.

  22. Corey#3252
    Master Sergeant
    I like the new system as we would see the introduction of Junior Moderator! I like the idea of a role reshuffle too.

  23. Depends on the problems you have for moderation in the chat. Is there trouble keeping up with the number of those who are currently moderating the chat? Are a lot of people stepping out if line? If so, go ahead, it’s a great system, more ranks to allow growth, more ranks to get excited about. On the flip side, the celebration of of getting moderator is less exciting. There are lot’s of questions that can be asked such as, rate of promotions with the new system, acceptance rate to being promoted blue, to cyan, to green, how many people will be in each rank, ect.?

    As of now, RF has ~20 people with the ability to kick/ban. Implementing this system, taking into consideration the steadiness of promotions are the same or even faster, you may have an additional +10 troops in due time with the “green ranks”. As well as all the moderators we have now. It’s a lot of moderators, which can be good or bad, idk. But keep in mind, more moderators, more chances for abuse or mistakes.

    Another way to look at this, if all title ranks are completely switched to the new system (as a guideline for the future of this system), there would be about ~80 troops moderating the chat, in comparison to the ~70 troops that are recorded in ranks, maybe an additional ~40 troops that have joined RF since the system. Of course, this number take into account the visitors and recruits (that do take part in Discord, not nulls). The ratio of those with permissions and those without just seems odd and fairly close, is this what you had in mind? If the numbers of recruits are skyrocketing since the rejoin of CPR, then disregard this whole piece.

    tl;dr: take into account how many active members you have in discord, compare the number of those who will have perms and those who don’t. numbers just seem close for now. maybe wait it out? i have no idea what im talking about lol

    • This fails to acknowledge the 100+ people listed as Recruit, but I strongly appreciate the feedback and I’m wondering if the inclusion of the 104 people with Recruit alters your opinion in terms of the ratios?

      • I apologize, I didn’t know about the number of Recruits, sorry you had to read my spiel. By all means, if the moderation team needs support, go with the system. Numbers aren’t everything, and I’m sorry if I made it priority. I don’t know how the RF moderation team works nor all the behind the scenes stuff, this was all just a surface level observation.

        Congratulations with the 100+ Recruits! However, how many of those Recruits actually need moderation? In other words, how active are they? If I recall correctly, once a Recruit attends one event, they are immediately promoted to Private. The last 4 ranks of RF make up 33% of your Recruits. Last 15, 100%. If there was an active count right now, how many would comment? I guess what I’m saying is, can you really call people who signed up for a community but not participate, really a part of the community? Again, surface level observation, I sincerely do not know anything. For all I know, all the Recruits are going to attend an event tomorrow and there will be +100 Privates are the Ranks page when I wake up. sorry, off track lol

        Of course, activeness doesn’t mean everything for anyone can pose as a threat technical or private and safety wise. Discord is a very accessible community, and with that more individuals, thus more moderation. Go for it 🙂

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