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Hi there. You probably were starting to think that this would never happen. For a while I was worried that was the case, but here we are, we made it!


My name is elexander onck and I have been an active enlisted member of RPF since 2018. That’s over five years straight enlistment with no breaks and very little leave. Such is the power of autism and emotional attachment, I guess.

I was a pretty annoying troop who, due to being an annoying troop, spent 21 weeks at Colonel and thought I’d never get to staff. I would spam chat with “mmm poop” every day because I thought it was hilarious. But then I somehow did get staff. And I decided I would stay there at all costs. I was mod during a crazy time, of recruiting in the streets of Germany, Dirty Dan (worst inside job ever, you didn’t even get rid of the one guy you were trying to get rid of?) and … snowballfight. But those were possibly some of the best times I had in RPF.

In January 2020 I became HCOM. I was 3ic for four months and then I was 2ic for like, 9 or something. This was during the crazy COVID times of sizes and feats the community can only dream of now. Eventually time rolled on. And then I was Rebel Commander. I can’t tell you whether it was what I expected because I don’t remember what I expected!

It’s been three years at the helm of this insane ship. It’s been a fun ride with a lot of ups and downs for me and for the army, but I think we’ve been on the up and up lately. And that’s why I feel ready to say goodbye.

That and the fact I just don’t have time anymore. Full time job, you know I make thousands as a sysadmin right? Playing with my millions, etc. My life has moved on and so must I. I joined RPF when I was 17 and in secondary school. I’m 22 now with a degree and a job, and I’m happy you all have been there for me during my journey through those years.

My time in RPF has given me some really insane experiences. Some terrifying, some hilarious, many bizarre and unbelievable. Some of the amazing victories and upsetting losses I’ve experienced while part of this community are strong emotional moments that will stay with me going forward. 

Aside from the actual army itself and the intricacies of being in a Club Penguin Army, I have made some seriously close friendships from being part of this community. People I have now known and been friends with for years, and I’m always making new friends. When I started university and found it hard to find my feet and develop a social life, RPF was there. When COVID hit, RPF was there. When my life moved on, RPF was there. I always had this community to turn to and I was never alone. It has given me a lot, and that’s why I wanted to do my best to nurture it as staff and a leader. We’ve had some tough times since our dearly departed CPRewritten left us, but finally, I feel things are back on track.

So this is my final post as Rebel Commander, and I feel ready to let go. There are too many people to thank who have impacted my experience here, but my most valued ones will know who they are. I’ll still be a totally amazing shining beacon of advice for the leadership I leave behind, but I trust them so much that I have no idea if they’d even need it. I feel happy to say that my time has come.

I love you all very much.


If you strike at, imprison, or kill us, out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you, and perhaps, raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!

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