There are several pins in Club Penguin Rewritten that can be obtained at any time, with no cost at all. This guide will show you how to find 3 super secret stamps!

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Pin 1: Wise Puffle

This pin is found in the Adopt A Puffle catalogue in the pet shop:

Scroll all the way to the back, and click to collect your shiny Wise Puffle Pin:

Pin 2: Rockhopper’s Key

To find this pin, head to the Coffee Shop, and then upstairs to the Book Room. Click the Tales and Stories book in the bottom corner:

Once the popup page is opened, click the Journal of Captain Rockhopper:

Scroll to the very last page, and click the key to get your Rockhopper’s Key pin!

Pin 3: Moss Key:

This one is a little more complicated. First things first, head to the Mine and enter the Puffle Rescue game:

Once the games popup screen is up, click the black puffle to enter the underwater levels:

Once your in the game, hold down up to move forward. Keep holding up till you reach the next platform.

Stop once you reach the platform with the black puffle:

When you collect the puffle, a giant squid will appear. When it swims, it will create bubbles. Use these to travel forwards again, for 5 or so minutes.

You should eventually make it to this platform here. Follow the path, be careful not to sink and head down the stairs at the end.

Click enter, and you will find yourself in a new room!

The hidden Moss Key pin is at the bottom of the screen:

Also, this secret room will now be accessible at any time through the Hidden Lake!

Chaos – Brigadier General

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