Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to another edition of the Pet Column, where Anya, Cracked, Jaeun, and Yas meet the pets of RPF! Post your pets in the #pets channel and you may have a chance of being interviewed for our upcoming column. We hope you enjoy reading about these lovely pets just as much as we enjoyed interviewing them!

Meet Sergeant Quix’s pet dog!

Name: Griffin
Age: 9
Breed: Maltese Yorkie mix
Favourite Food: Dried Beef Liver

Jaeun: If griffin could talk, what do you think would be the first thing he’d say to you?

Quix: LMAO I think he’d honestly just debate with me and try to make me consider giving him more table food. He’s a very food driven little mans haha

Jaeun: Did you celebrate for his previous birthdays? if so, which celebration was your favourite?

Quix: Absolutely yes, his birthday is on Halloween so of course he gets a costume and a little meat cake! He also literally knows what the word birthday means, which is insane because he only hears the word once a year!
Due to Covid and all that jazz he hasnt had many people visit the past 2 years for his birthday but he absolutely loves people, especially kids, so 2 years ago for his 7th birthday we had a bunch of my little cousins over and he had a blast playing with them all! He legitimately smiles around them and its the cutest thing in the world! He dressed up as superman for that 7th birthday uvu

Jaeun: What are some of Griffin’s quirky characteristics?

Quix: Whenever its summer or a warm season he always loves to go outside and sunbathe, he gets super warm (which is impressive because he’s already always really warm) and when he’s out there his fur glimmers!
He also loves his little accessories and costumes, most of the time when we take him to his groomers they give him a little tie, bowtie or handkerchief around his neck that always fits the season! If you try to take any of it off he gets concerned haha, they’re a part of his identity
Also he really loves his costumes, especially this santa costume, and around christmas time he loves sitting underneath the tree. I like to imagine him going “You guys better appreciate me, i’m the best present you’ll ever get” haha

Meet Corporal ThaN1c3Guy’s pet cat!

Name: rammpje
Age: 14
Breed: sphinx cat
Favorite food: t h e m a l l

Cracked: How did you get Rammpje?

ThaN1c3Guy: Well we bought them but I haven’t really gotten any info about that.

Cracked: What’s your favorite thing about him?

ThaN1c3Guy: He loves to hug and sit/sleep on you. He was laying on me the entire day.

Cracked: If Rammpje was any other animal, which would be the most fitting?

ThaN1c3Guy: The animal that always sleeps, the sloth. He’s so lazy it’s not normal. But I mean he’s pretty active and he listens pretty good (except when you tell him ‘no’ when there is food)

Cracked: What would you give Rammpje for his birthday?

ThaN1c3Guy: Food and sweets! His birthday is on October 29.

That is the end of this week’s Pet Column! As always, stay tuned for our next edition and make sure to keep posting pictures of your pets in the #pets channel. Perhaps they just may be featured in our next issue!

~ anya, Lieutenant General; Pet Columnist


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