Long time no see, Rebels! Welcome to another edition of Pet Column, where Yas and Jaeun show off the amazing pets of RPF! Keep posting photos of your fur babies in our #pets channel for the chance to be interviewed for our column as well. Now, let’s meet today’s featured pets!

Meet Lieutenant General Lance’s dog!


Name: Jewel
Age: 4 years and 6 months
Breed: Boxer Pug mix
Favourite Food: Carrots

Our Pet Columnist, Jaeun, talked to Lance about his dog Jewel. Read on to get to know her more!

Jaeun: How did you decide on Jewel’s name?
Lance: we adopted her and that was the name that her foster home had given her! we didn’t like it and wanted to change it originally but since she already knew her name and would answer to it (and also because none of us could agree on what to change it to) we decided to keep it the same.

Jaeun: What do you think is the most charming thing about your dog?
Lance: probably how loving she is! she’s never met a person she didn’t like, never bites, and rarely ever actually gets angry. although she looks intimidating and is strong and fast, she loves people and animals and is very kind!

Jaeun: Does Jewel have her favourite or own personal ‘spot’ in the house?
Lance: not really? she has a crate that she really likes and also a bed…but she tends to just make herself at home wherever she wants or wherever there’s a blanket for her to lay on. we have a recliner in the living room that was meant to be my dad’s chair but more often than not we find her sitting there so no one gets to use it. we call her the queen of the house for this reason 👑

Meet Private Zephlyx’s pets!


Name: Chicken
Age: 1 Month
Breed: Button Quail
Favourite Food: Scrambled Egg


Name: Zep
Age: 1 Month
Breed: Button Quail
Favourite Food: Mealworms


Name: Riggs
Age: 5 Years
Breed: Chihuahua/Boston Terrier/ Dachshund/Pitbull mix
Favourite Food: Tomatoes

Our Pet Columnist, Yas, grabbed an interview with Zephlyx to talk about their lovely array of pets! Let’s see what they had to say:

Yas: How did you get your pets?
Zephlyx: Riggs is a rescue, I got him when he was 2. My grandmother got him during her trip in Oklahoma, ended up buying him straight off an abusive family. Chicken and Zep were both hatched by someone who lives near me, and I went to get them at 2 weeks old.

Yas: What’s your favourite Memory or Story with your pets?
Zephlyx: Riggs saved my life from a stray aggressive dog in my neighborhood during a walk at night, he ended up slipping loose from his collar and baited the dog away while i ran to get my stepdad. Zep is very skittish of me, but fell asleep in my hands once. Chicken ended up running to me once and hopped up onto my arm.

Yas: What’s a unique trait each of your pets have?
Zephlyx: Riggs has a distinct “stink-eye” look. Chicken has a unique call, sounds like he’s laughing, and one white wing. Zep has a tendency to try and dust bathe in the bedding he has BESIDE the dust bowl they have. He also likes to peck at the plastic feeders instead of his food whenever I take them out to refill them.

That’s it for this edition of Pet Column! Stay tuned for the upcoming one to see which pets would be featured next. Keep posting photos of your pets in our #pets channel for the opportunity to get featured, or just to make somebody’s day!




oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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