Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to another edition of the Pet Column, where YodaboboboCrackedJaeun, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Be sure to post your pets in the #pets channel and you may have a chance of being interviewed for an upcoming issue. Hope you enjoy reading about our lovely featured pets!

Meet Lieutenant Missy’s pet dog!

Name: Jojo
Age: 10
Breed: Mini Poodle
Favourite Food: Popcorn

Our pet columnist, Jaeun, had a little talk with Missy about their dog! Let’s learn a bit more about Jojo!

Jaeun: If Jojo could say one sentence in English to you, what do you think she’d say?

Missy: I think Jojo would say: “don’t give me baths again!” She hates baths so much :hehehehehe:

Jaeun: Does Jojo have any weird/funny quirks and mannerisms?

Missy: Jojo likes to “butt scoot” as my brother calls it haha where she just slides across the floor on her tail. Also when she gets out of a bath she just goes crazy and smashes her face into the couch or a towel to try and dry it.

Jaeun: How did you get Jojo?

Missy: We got jojo from the pound in august 3 years ago when my mom finally gave in and accepted that we were old enough to take care of a dog. My dad and sister went and found jojo and we agreed to get her 🙂

Meet 2ic Link3000’s pets!

Name: Moira

Age: 13.5

Breed: Labrador

Favourite food: Literally everything


Name: Percy (Moira’s son)

Age: 9.5

Breed: Labrador

Favourite food: chicken, frozen carrots and beans (not at the same time)


Name: Karma

Age: 7

Breed: god knows

Favourite food: cheese

Our pet columnist, Cracked, interviewed Link3000 to know more about their pets! Read on to learn more about them!

Cracked: What’s the funniest memory you have with all three of them?

Link: It has to be the first time i brought all 3 of them in my room together. Percy and Moira aren’t allowed in bedrooms cause they shed alot, but parents were out of the house so :evil: . Karma jumped straight on the bed cause that’s her space (she also went insane because i had just changed the sheets so she was just zoomin across the bed), Percy tried to jump, but in all his lazy glory only got 2 legs on the bed and just sat there cause you know, lifting 2 legs 3cm over the ground is too much effort. And Moira was just silent judging them. It was like all of their personalities came out at the same time

Cracked: How would you describe their relationship?

Link: Hmmm. Well for starters Moira is the parental figure but I wouldn’t say the mum of the group. She’s like the cool aunt of the group. Percy and karma are the two young siblings, very close in age that are just pure chaos and want all the attention to themselves and Moira is just done with them.

Cracked: If you could do anything with your pets, what would it be?

Link: I would definitely travel the world with them. They all like adventures even if Percy is very lazy and Moira very old but it would be the most chaotic thing to do in the best way possible.

Cracked: Do you have any pet peeves regarding your pets? (haha get it)

Link: ahahahahahahahaha fun knee. Moira could do no wrong, she’s absolutely perfect and she deserves everything. Percy’s goddamn SNORING THO OMG you can literally hear him from 5 rooms away. Karma can be very jealous at times cause she’s very clingy (my mum’s fault) and also whines alot but it’s cute so she kinda gets away with it sometimes (my fault)

That’s a wrap for this issue of Pet Column! A HUGE thanks to Missy and Link3000 for the interviews and for sharing their lovely pets with the community! If you’d like to have your pet featured as well, make sure to keep posting photos of them in #pets channel for us to notice! Keep and eye out for the next issue!

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