Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to yet another edition of the Pet Column, where Anya, Jaeun, Cracked, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Make sure you post your pets in the #pets channel so you may also have a chance for both you and your pets to be in the issue. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Lets meet Lieutenant Rat’s pet cats!

Name: Nala
Age: 4
Breed: Bombay
Favourite Food: Small treats

Name: Noel
Age: 4
Breed: Garfield
Favourite Food: Small treats

Name: Skye
Age: 4
Breed: Piebald
Favourite Food: Small treats

Anya: What is your favourite way to spend time with them?
Rat: i love to sit on my couch and put them on my lap and let them to sleep

Anya: If your pets could talk, what do you think they would say to you?
Rat: nala would say “GIVE ME CUDDLES NOW” skye would say “when’s dinner?” and noel would say “can you pet me?”

Anya: If you could travel anywhere with your cats, where would you bring them?
Rat: i would take them to the beach board walk i have leashes so they don’t go away

Let’s meet Colonel Trackling’s pet cats!

Name: Buffy
Age: 11
Breed: Tuxedo (Ftgf)
Favourite Food: Tuna

Name: Willow
Age: 11
Breed: Tabby
Favourite Food: Pawsome Pockets Cat Treats

Jaeun: How did you get your cats?
Trackling: They’re both sisters so from the same family when they were born 🙂

Jaeun: If your cats were to run away from home, where do you think they would go first?
Trackling: They would probably go chasing birds and mice lol

Jaeun: What are Willow and Buffy’s favourite things to do?
Trackling: They both love to play with string and demand strokes 😀

Jaeun: Are you getting your cats any gifts this Christmas?
Trackling: Probably just more cat toys!

That’s all for this edition of the RPF pet column! Stay tuned for the next issue, coming your way soon! Until till then, keep showing off your pawesome pets! Who knows? They may be in the next issue!

Don’t forget that for December, we’ll be doing a special end-of-the-year issue of Pet Column where we’ll be featuring your pets dressed in their holiday outfits! If your pet likes to wear clothes, and you’ve got a Holiday costume for them, be sure to take a quick photo and post it in #pets channel to be featured.

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