Pet Column – Peanut & Lyra

Hey there Rebels, welcome to the latest edition of the pet column! This is the column where every few weeks Jaeun, Cracked, Anya and Yas will get to meet the pets of RPF Members! Hope you enjoy reading about these cute pets, as much as we enjoyed getting to learn about them!!

Meet Major BestBird’s pet dog, Peanut!

Name: Peanut

Age: 11

Breed: Shetland sheep dog

Favourite Food: She likes many types of food

Yas: What is your favourite memory with your pets?

BestBird: Seeing them interact with their sister (when she was alive).

Yas: What would you dress your pet up for Halloween?

BestBird: I would dress my pet in a taco bell bag than put a small slice of bread on them

Yas: How did you get your pet?

BestBird: I got her a long time ago, so I kinda forgot how I got her. But it was 11 years ago and I got her and her sister at the same time. Now that her sister is gone, she misses her a lot.

Meet Colonel Hewer’s pet cat, Lyra!

Name: Lyra

Age: 4 years old

Breed: Tortoise Shell (actual breed is unknown)

Favorite Food: Web Box

Cracked: How did you find and adopt Lyra?

Hewer: I got her when she was like two months old and I was meant to get one of her siblings but we chose her because she was the only one who wasn’t hostile.

Cracked: How did you come to choose her name?

Hewer: The constellation that supposedly looks like a harp is called Lyra, and *His Dark Materials* books by Phillip Pullman where the main character is called Lyra.

Cracked: If you could travel anywhere with Lyra, where would you go?

Hewer: The Isle of Wight (it’s south of England) because I’ve been there like eight times so it would be fun if Lyra was there as well!

Cracked: What’s a fun anecdote you have with Lyra?

Hewer: She goes really crazy if you throw toys near her even though she ignores them usually, once she ran basically through the whole house in thirty seconds chasing after this ball because it made a bell sound.

That’s all for this edition of the RPF pet column! Stay tuned for the next issue, coming your way soon! Until till then, keep showing off your pawesome pets over in #pets! Who knows? They may become part of the next issue!

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