Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to yet another edition of the Pet Column, where Jaeun and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Make sure you post your pets in the #pets channel so you may also have a chance for both you and your pets to be in the issue. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Let’s meet Lando‘s dog Phoebe!

Name: Phoebe
Age: 1 year and 6 months
Breed: Beagle
Fav food: everything but actual dog food

Jaeun: How did you get Phoebe?
Lando: Uhhh someone was selling some beagle puppies on a site and she was conveniently the last one that wasnt bought

Jaeun: What are some of your dog’s favourite things to do?
Lando: Sleep, play with us and run a lot

Jaeun: If you could take Phoebe with you anywhere in the world, where would you two go?

Lando: I guess in an open field so she can run around

Jaeun: Does Phoebe know any tricks? If so, which one does she do best?

Lando: She knows the basic sit, high five and give me paw

Let’s meet Lexi‘s cats Poppy and Cleo!

Name: Poppy (Purrsephone)
Age: 2 years
Breed: Tabi-co
Favourite Food: hates everything except their kibble (even treats!)
Name: Cleo (Cleocatra)
Age: 2 years
Breed: Tabi-co
Favourite Food: hates everything except their kibble (even treats!)
Jaeun: What’s your fondest memory with your cats?
Lexi: That is a really hard question. I specifically remember the day I walked into the shelter and saw two bonded little kittens and my mom said from the other room “I think those two are meant for my daughter”. I wasn’t even planning on adopting that day. But I went home a week later after they had been vetted with my two precious girls.
Jaeun: Do Poppy and Cleo have any fun and/or unique traits you can share?
Lexi: They can’t/Don’t meow like regular cats. They kinda chirp or squeak.
Jaeun: How did you come up with your cats’ names?
Lexi: Well the trick was that we came up with the short/nicknames first. Cleo was the first one we ended up coming up with in our list that we both liked and I suggested Cleopatra then changed to Cleocatra (we love puns). Persephone was the next name to mind and Purrsephone was the obvious choice for Poppy. Two strong names for two strong kittens

That’s all for this edition of the RPF pet column! Stay tuned for the next issue, coming your way soon! Until till then, keep showing off your PAWsome pets! Who knows? They may be in the next issue!

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