Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to yet another edition of the Pet Column, where AnyaJaeunCracked, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Make sure you post your pets in the #pets channel so you may also have a chance for both you and your pets to be in the issue. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Let’s meet Sergeant Jen’s pet Skyy!

Name: Skyy

Age: 12 🥺

Breed: Siberian Husky

Favourite Food: pepperoni and cheese are definitely tied for this one lmao he loves them both so much!!

Jaeun: How did you get Skyy?
Jen: Back in 2009 our former husky Stoli had passed away and we were looking to get another one! My parents have always had huskies (my mom had mostly huskies growing up too!) so we wanted to keep that going 🙂 We looked for reputable breeders in our area since we wanted a puppy and found one that had puppies on the way! We’ve rescued other animals but Skyy was a full on “we went a husky puppy” adoption from a breeder lol
Jaeun: How did you come up with your dog’s name?
Jen: Idk if his name is technically RPF friendly, so I’ll limit the specifics, but since Siberian Huskies are from a part of Russia originally and Russians are known for a specific adult beverage we’ve named all our huskies after those that begin with S 🤣
Jaeun: What’s Skyy’s favourite season and why?
Jen: Definitely winter!! He loves everything snow and cold!! I actually just let him back inside after he was just laying in the snow for at least half an hour 😂 We’ve actually had to hope in the past that none of our neighbors call animal control because sometimes he won’t come inside and just lays in the cold for hours like sir please 🥺 He gets so so excited when we get the first snowfall of the season 🙂 If you could bring
Jaeun: If you could take Skyy anywhere with you on Earth, where would you go?
Jen: I think he would absolutely love going somewhere like Northern Canada or Alaska where it’s cold for a LOT longer and snows a lot more!! I could just chill in a lil cabin with him and he would have the time of his life in the snow 🥺 He may be an elder boi, but I think he could learn how to pull a sled if he really wanted to lmao definitely something I’d try having him do!

Lets meet Visitor Nooza’s pet cats!

Name: Chewbacca

Age: 3

Breed: cat (yeah i have no clue)

Favourite food: chimken treats

Name: Mochi

Age: 3

Breed: cat (yeah i have no clue)

Favourite food: chimken treats

Jaeun: How did you get your cats?
Nooza: they’re the babies of my other two cats 😳
Jaeun: What distinct characteristics do Mochi and Chewbacca have?
Nooza: Mochi likes jumping up really high places like my wardrobe and sleeps there all day LOL and uhh Chewbacca is really cuddly but bites outta nowhere </3
Jaeun: What do you think they dream of when they sleep?
Nooza: Pretty sure they both dream of attacking bugs for fun
Jaeun: If Mochi and Chewbacca were humans, what jobs do you think they’ll have?
Nooza: oh gosh LOL uhhh Mochi would be like a bungee jump trainer and Chewbacca would be a therapist <3

That’s all for this edition of the RPF pet column! Stay tuned for the next issue, coming your way soon! Until till then, keep showing off your PAWsome pets! Who knows? They may be in the next issue!

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