Hey there Rebels! Welcome back to yet another edition of the Pet Column, where AnyaJaeunCracked, and Yas get to know the pets of the RPF! Make sure you post your pets in the #pets channel so you may also have a chance for both you and your pets to be in the issue. For this special year-end edition, we asked you to post photos of your pets dressed up in holiday outfits. Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Vet Mars’ pet

Corporal Ethanos’ pet

Sergeant Cheyanne’s pet

Sergeant Jpmg2k’s cat

Lieutenant Quix’s pet

Captain I_am_rat_queen’s pet

Colonel Legacy’s pet

Colonel Theddie’s pet

Major General Gabi’s pets

General Coric’s birds

General Bubbles’ cat

Third in Command z3ming’s pet

Third in Command Princhi’s pet

That is all for this week’s Pet Column! As always, keep your eyes peeled for our next edition and make sure to keep posting pictures of your pets in the #pets channel. They might just be featured in our next issue!

~ anya, Lieutenant General; Pet Columnist


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