Promotions 12/09/18


The following is the ranks page after this week’s promotions. If your name is in green, you were promoted.

If you think you were missed, comment on this post. If you weren’t promoted, make sure to attend events, comment on the promotion post, and be active in our discord next week!

To find your name more easily, CTRL+F and then type your name.


Rebel Commander


Deputy Commander

Cosmo | Danielle | Perry | Queenieliz | Reyder | Rose | TheNightma3e

Head General

Guidocars | Keemyorg123 | Klein | Lucy | MissMariss | Peaky | Plane | Queeniealex | Weebwad


Cheeseater13 | Tazy | Trackling

Lieutenant General

Major General

Amadeus23 | 1337Mishka

Brigadier General


Flv9 | Cassie

Lieutenant Colonel

Zeavro | Jakethebird | MDj113 | Mindy4IsHere | DjCrystal


Bscharbach2 | Jakethebird | Raneaosama | Shanks | Yugi


Cindy77, Cpr1234, Ghosts, Hexxer07, Kellis, Orange37408, Tessa, True_Despair, VeagaN, Mikemate

First Lieutenant

Alexan Jr, Awesomebob20, Coolguy1608, Kellis, Wxbp, Wolfy Daddy, Max 186, Fluo, Thisjackstanley, Tasos2017, Wolfy Daddy, Wxbp

Second Lieutenant

Sirplus1881, Vishal72002

Chief Warrant Officer

Acutepuffle, Corey, Fizzombie, Jetropulsion, Kajus, Mr. Ribcage, Therai, Wavy Shell, xxKiraxx, Zottffss

Warrant Officer

Diamond.D.Bloom, Eesa, ImNotAforest, Niallplays, Silvercat, Skater, Streghten, 3intimidator

Sergeant Major

Brownboy102, Leothelion255

First Sergeant

Ailsie, HurricaneFox, Koloway, Majestic Feather, MyCydric7, Maxdude, Noob

Master Sergeant


Technical Sergeant

Devilishgirl, GodGaben, Smellsnice, Wafflez, Warship

Sergeant First Class

Aishajabz, Joey Cubes

Staff Sergeant

Kiki, PeekAbooo, Plesiosaurus, R0b0bart


Da_Hunter, Derp, Elizabeth, Empress Katie, HelloGoodSir, Jonpike, Kam66, Letherm, NickPl4ysDSC, Racer, Rained Boats, Rhysperry111, TheBluePickle, Yinguin16


CaptainTheo, DeanTH1, Evvvvvva, I’m Melancholy, Kylobensolo13, LoombaLoomba, NickEman13, RuffTheRobot, SebbiiceSort, TheDogbone1, Viljam, Windowsyll

Lance Corporal

0rry, Azxyte, Bob Dill, BobTheBleach, BolinCPR, Bunnehprincess, Chidda, Cole2169DaftBasilisk, CPGames2010, Dat1Mew, Fardh, Ghosting Sniper, Hulk17, IAmAPotato, Janina2, Jasper, JT, J._.Griff, KingDuke, Mestergamer, Nickywolf8, Pedro, Pinkoliv123, Pinpin516, Pokeliam45, Scrumph, SupaDupaUnicornTiggyz, Toonie

Private First Class

5hred, AdamBrownbill, Alex70982, AlinaAndrmont98, ArtseySmart, Blackapple 64, Bloom, Bobbyfintch9, Breakable_Eggshell, Burger king, CoffinCo, Dooni, Elexnock, Excalibur, FratGoddess, Frenchip, Gonheda, Hamsaa, Jay005Insect, Jordan82679, JT, Lewis, Light, Lil Bloom, Luckystarx78, LufferGooferYT, MTCGhost, Netherlandsball, Ninja4073, RichyRob, Roog, Robpop123, Roughcut707, SarcasticPVP, Scorpion, Shadowstorm0, Sportspro 2.0, Slimmy Jimmy, Stevos500, Suitilina the Dragon, Superdan1000, Teekz, Train506, Wingblade02, Vegfj, Zed, Zemaster123


Adk9p, Aidoru, Alfiesteel, Azarax, Bird Mom, Boypablo, Datclarin0t, Diddle, Debate, Devidkee, Dojomaster64, Donomade, Dp38, ezkioland, Game over, Gamerguide, Jackal, Jacksjacobs1, Jamie2001, Jessrosco, Jua2ja2, JT , Kaikatt, KV, Kakamies, kathrynalexa, KeithTheEmo, Iergegech, Liviecam, Lolui, LuigiAustralian, LukeTheNerd, Meltingsky35, MinishCaps, Ms. Octocat, Omaknight, Penguin damo, Pengu Joyce, PattyHull, PROcapone, RandomPuff, R2meccon22, RabinDrake, Ross6776, SarcasticPVP, Samwhite567, Sekksikoray, Tanman206, Tirepenguin, TreeRoot, Tiffyxoxo, Tinap, Toby1804, Van Vinc, Wingblade02, YBN nahmir


Everyone who joins the Rebel Federation receives this role by default! In order to gain a promotion to Private, all you have to do is attend an event.


Commando717 | Popsiclebeak | Junie

Executive Advisor



  1. Im still a corporal for some reason in the rf

  2. This is more of a question; can you only be promoted once if you’re a Recruit in your first week? I’m curious because I achieved Private after I attended my first event, but I also attended 3-4 events total this week and I know that attendance usually counts.
    It isn’t a huge deal, I’m just curious about whether Recruits can only go to Private in their first week or not, or if there’s some extra work I can do.

    • When I was recruited, I wasn’t promoted to Private First Class for a couple of weeks. Just be patient, and your promotion will come 🙂

  3. FratStarr attended the opening ceremony today and I’m still a recruit I think..

  4. Hey, I think I deserve a promo, I went to 3 events this week and tried to help put commands in game chat for those not in the discord. I am TheBigKahuna in-game and in the Discord but on the ranks list I’m always listed as JT, this confusing because there are 2 of us. Just PM me on discord if necessary, thanks.

  5. I think I should’ve been promoted
    I have been in 4 events since my last one.
    I’m private

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