PROMOTIONS – 29/7/19

These are the official ranks of the RF. If you think you should be here but do not see your name, DM a Head General, Second in Command, or a Rebel Commander.

To find your name more easily, CTRL+F and then type your name.


Rebel Commander


Second in Command

Alex | Klein | Pookie437 | Ultipenguinj

Head General

1337Mishka | Cheeseater13 | Cosmo | Jimmy38983 | Redweeb | Starship | Wolves


AFlyingSpider | Aishajabz | BrotherQuack | F6sixer

Lieutenant General

Amadeus23 | Chaos | Emcee

Major General

 Flv9 | Klance42069 | Minipup | Pinkratgirl | Rocket | Sugarrush298 | Yuli

Brigadier General

 Bscharbach2 | Leothelion | Pinkoliv123 | RoyallySuperb | Tanseh5 | Tycho | Witchkiki


100%human, Alina, Agent 73, Brattybottom, Coolguy1608, Elexonck, IcyMammi, Joseph, Marija, Mathaius, Mindy4isback, Moon, Ninja82618, Orange37408, Penho, Taz_Run21, Tunise, Wavy Shell


Cassie, Dutske, JJ Alpha Wolf, LanzCP, Objectshow, Sloaps


Androidsong, RipplingSapphire, Tinandcopper


ACutePuffle, CrazzyheadDigginDino, Elizabeth6133, DOMESTIC, Hythonwolf, Kaigal, Summer, Vinzed N


aisha, CuriousKitty, DatSosige, Jstoryhead, Kenny, musicmingo, NickEman, Paddy, Plesiosaurus, Rosalin, ShadowFOX, Solum, sy 💙, Yirtuji


3.1416tudo, AbbyTurtleGirl, Aquatic Snek, Avocadobb, BlazinGemstone, Derp, Electric Yammie, Jay0005, Pinpin516, Retroplane20, VoidSquid, WaterPelyn,


~missmay~, Addy Hargreeves, AGenericObama, AmberLights, AquaticBurrito, Atrixquad, bonkadoodle, CaptainWafflezXD, CatBallou0, Cristal, DaftBasilisk, DisastrousDyke, Drpowk, Fawna8275, Gabbae, Gjsolo, Goontersmonkey, Jayns, Jordan82679, Kert, Kirby_390, Koley 2, Kookie, Laleaea, Miner, Mycydric7, NobodiesHero, nochyll, Nyx, Oops, OptimisticOtter, PenguinBirks, PlayWorks,Pixel, Py08, Roughcut707, Samy31,, ShroomTheBoi, Superdan1000, TheBigKahuna, Trotskyman, Vinayak, WeAllSadNow, WolfyDaddy, Yinguin, yo gal, Zekrom


;), 987Leo, AlphaHawk, Ari, AwesomeBob20, Aws, Baklavaboi, Bara, Big Clarence, Bird, Bloom103, Boovven, Brotherstar, Bschar’s_MOM, C-axis, Cabbage, Calliflower, Carlos, Chad, Chuiist, CKIG, Comber21, Coolgroub, Corster100, Criogonal, Detective, Devon, Dogeloaf, EliElectroxd, Eemmmmaaa, EnchantedOwl42, Everyyyxy, Flamingblitz, Foop, Gabi, Gebo, Georgiamg, GPLuver22, HairyDogger, HawkGuy, Hexxer, HuwAHHHH, Imabot123124, JAMS, Jess, jetropulsion, Jon Arbuckle, Kacerbone, KamodySS, KatieP2017, Kermer, Kiki201983, Kpsmms, kuno101, Lanrie, Layla Jo, Lemonnade, LethalRenegade, LKH, Loserton, Louise Frost, LucasBoss64 RO, Lucy01, M1ntyFr3sh0, MaddieCW3, Maid, maluarce, Maxwell124 (Bruner777), Mdt1104, Meownica, Micderper, MissMariss, NajalexNight, Nevewhittaker, NotManuGinobili, Nuggy, Papa_Sasquatch, Pasta, Pengu San, Pez Candy, Pizzelated, PLBe, Rain0wz, Salamander, Sallymeow1, Schrodingers, Sirplus1881, SmolNyxx, Smug, Son of the light, Soul, Spicy Scarlet, Spacey_123, Squawck, Tacosky, That One Kid,TheFastBowler, Thunder, ToxicRose36, ValkyrieLena6, VenHur, Vezzy, Whipper, Yikes, ZipZapZoop


Upon joining the Rebel Federation CP Division you will automatically receive the recruit role. You will be promoted after attending your first event.

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