Hola Rebels!

Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the tenth PSA mission, ”Waddle Squad”.

Do not read ahead if you want to complete this mission yourself, as there will be lots of spoilers!

(If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here)

Teleport to the HQ, click on the mission ‘Waddle Squad’ and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

1. When you load in the mission, Gary the Gadget Guy will be drawing- click on him to talk to him. (Your mission is to work with Jet Pack Guy and Rookie—both of whom you met in earlier missions.)
When you agree to start the mission, G will tell you that the Golden Puffle has recently been found! Once you start to get towards the end of your conversations, the back screens will start to go blank, revealing Herbert loaded onto them- he will reveal his plan as trying to steal the Golden Puffle, which is where our mission comes into place
2. From the box of ‘odds and ends’ to the right of Gary, take the solar panel and put it in your inventory.
3. Using your spy phone, teleport to the beach.
4. Look to the left until you find Jet Pack Guy, who isnt wearing his jetpack. When you talk to him, he tells you his jetpack is out of fuel. He will then ask you if you can get some fuel for him
5. From the beach, enter the lighthouse and look around until you find the barrel. Put this barrel in your inventory.
6. Return to the Beach, talk to Jet Pack Guy again, and tell him you found cream soda. He tells you to divide the cream soda into two containers, each containing four units of cream soda. Pass him the barrel from your inventory to start.

7.You see three beakers, with little labels next to them marked 8, 5, and 3.

a. Pour liquid from the left beaker into the middle beaker.

b. Pour liquid from the middle beaker into the left beaker

c. Pour liquid from the right beaker into the left beaker.

d. Pour liquid from the middle beaker into the right beaker.

e. Pour liquid from the left beaker into the middle beaker.

f. Pour liquid from the middle beaker into the right beaker.

g. Pour liquid from the right beaker into the left beaker.

If you get confused, click the bottle with the Help note rolled up inside to see directions for getting four units of cream soda into two containers.

8. Once your finished, Jet Pack Guy will thank you and fly away. At this point, Teleport to the Dock using your spy phone.

9. Talk to the green penguin with the rope near to the boat. Ask him if he has rope, which he will give to you. Put this rope in your inventory.

10. Teleport to the Gift shop and talk to the shopkeeper

11. Tell him you’d be happy to help him, and then put the two boxes and table beside him in your inventory.

12. Go outside to the Town, take the table from your inventory and set it up to the right of the Gift shop. Put the two boxes from the Gift shop (which are now in your inventory) on/ beside the table.

13. Go back in the Gift Shop, and pan round your vision to the right until you find Rookie. Talk to him. You will see that the Magnet 3000 is causing him problems.

14. Once you’ve finished talking to him, from your inventory, take the solar panel and put it on the magnet’s power cord. You should now see a circuit board.

15. Use the blue soldering iron to complete a path between each of the three pairs of coloured circles. If you mess up, use the red solder sucker to get rid of mistakes.

Click on each of the circles to begin the path designated to that circle. The paths should look something like this or similar:

16. Once Rookie thanks you, teleport to the Night club

17. In the Nightclub, pan around until you find the Golden Puffle enclosed in a cage. Take the rope out of your inventory and put it on the pulley, and the rope should be attached to the cage.

18. Click the red lever. The winch shoots off sparks, showing its broken.

19. Take your spy phone from your inventory, and click the flashing-red light at the top of the phone. Click the wrench that pops out, and use the wrench on the bolts on the front on the winch.

20. Click the front of the winch. You should see five gears on the bottom of the box. Fit the gears on the spindles to fix the winch and set the trap with the gears fitting to your trap (it will change for each person) eg:

21. Teleport to the Dock. When your spy phone rings, answer it- it’s Jet Pack Guy telling you to head to the Dock, although you are already there.

22.Look around till you spot Klutzy waving a decoy Herbert. Your spy phone rings again. It’s Rookie, reporting Herbert is at the Night Club.

23. Return to the Night Club. You see Herbert with the golden puffle.

24.Flip the red handle on the winch to trap Herbert. After this, herbert will throw the cage aside.

25. Click Herbert.

26. Answer your ringing spy phone. It’s Gary, telling all agents to move in. The Magnet 3000 breaks through the wall, attracted by the golden puffle.

27. Click and hold the three night-club spotlights to point them at the solar panel. The magnet now attracts the cage, again trapping Herbert.

28. Be sure to collect your medal and prize!


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