Hola Rebels!

Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the eleventh PSA mission: The Veggie Villain.

Do not read ahead if you want to complete this mission yourself, as there will be lots of spoilers!

(If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, here)

Teleport to the HQ, click on the mission “The Veggie Villain” and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

1. When you load into the mission, Gary the Gadget Guy will be typing- click on him and talk to him.

When you agree to start the mission, Gary will tell you about the missing items from the Gift Shop. You will need to join Jet Pack Guy and Rookie at the Gift Shop.

2. Using your spy phone, teleport to the Gift Shop.

3. Waddle to the left, pick up the corn seeds on the floor and talk to Rookie.

4. Enter the Gift Shop Office, and pick up the other piece of corn on the floor, Then, talk to Jet Pack Guy.

5. You will get a call on your Spy Phone. Answer it, and get back to the HQ and talk to Gary. Herbert will then hack into the PSA mainframe. He tells us he will broadcast all the secrets of the PSA.

6. Head to the Ski Village. Here, you will see Herbert’s broadcast that we need to stop.

7. Go to the Lighthouse. Pick up the DVD that is under the piano and put it in your inventory. Grab the cleaner on the left and clean the DVD with it. Then, put it in your inventory.

8. Waddle to the right and pick up the metal can. Take it to the Beach and fill it up with water.

9. Teleport to the HQ and go into the Gadget Room. Put the can of water in the Test Chamber. Press the red lever, hit the ice button, and press the red lever again. Put the ice in your inventory.

10. Go to the Beacon and give the penguin the ice. Pick up the lens on the floor and put it in your inventory.

11. Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the brown penguin and then give him the lens.

12. Click the DVD player and put in the DVD that you have in your inventory. Afterward, use the wrench in your spy phone to open the box.

13. Solve the puzzle. It is always random. When you figure it out, it will give you a location. Go to the Mine Shack.

14. Waddle into the corn forest. Follow the popcorn on the floor until the end of the trail. Grab the paper at the end of the trail.

15. Take the path that has a piece of paper. Repeat this until you have all 4 pieces. Pick up the plank of wood and put together the 4 pieces.

16. Open the note. Trace your steps back and follow the path that has items related to the list. You should reach a river. Use the plank of wood to get across the river.

17. Use a pile of corn seeds to lower the ladder, then climb it.

18. Once you get to the top of the hill, unplug Herbert’s computer. He will then teleport you to the PSA HQ along with a popcorn bomb.

19. Hit the orange book in the middle and click on the wheel. It might take a while to solve the puzzle.

20. Once you solve the puzzle, Dot will come out of the closet and teleport you, Rookie, Gary and herself outside. The popcorn bomb will explode and destroy the PSA lounge.

21. Dot will talk and introduce the EPF to you. She’s secretive but hints towards you being there in the future.

22. When the mission ends, get your medal and gift. Then, click “End Mission”.

Congratulations! You’ve just finished Mission 11!

Mariana – Colonel

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