PSA Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission – Walkthrough

Hello Rebels!

This post contains a walkthrough of the second PSA mission, G’s Secret Mission.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here.

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

You will begin at the Sport Shop with G in front of you. Click on G to begin a dialogue and and select the option “I’m here to receive my mission” to receive a riddle.

To solve this riddle, move to the Ski Hill using either your map or the teleporter in your spy phone and click the sign post on the mountain.

The answer to the riddle is the translation of the code in the Bunny Hill (green circles) sign, using the code to decode the sign will give you the answer to the riddle: mogul.

Go back to the Sport Shop and answer G’s riddle.

Once you are ready for your mission, G will show you the prototype he wants you to test out, after he is finished with his dialogue, keep the prototype in your inventory.

Now head over to the Ski Mountain, click on the prototype from your inventory, and then click on the test run path at the back.
This will start a sled racing type game, its okay if you crash because you are supposed to!

You wake up in the club penguin outback after crashing. Pick up the survivor guide in front of you.

Scroll all the way to the left and put the rope lying on the ground in your inventory.

Scroll back to the right and move forward to the O berry bush. Pick up three O berries and put them in your inventory, you can put them in the same slot.

Now scroll a bit to the right to see a tree with a pot stuck on it. Click the bark of the tree 3 times to shake it to make the pot fall down and keep it in your inventory.

Scroll a bit to the left and go down the path with the tree stump.

You will come across a lot of puffles, click on any one of them and all except the black puffle will run away.

Give the black puffle one of your O berries to make him your friend, he will follow you after that.

Now scroll to the left and go down the path with tree log.

Pick up the broken ski from the tree on the left in your inventory.

Combine it with the rope and then the O berry to make a fishing rod.

Now go back to the O berry bush, scroll to the left, and go down the path with the stream. Take out your fishing rod and click the stream to catch a fish and keep it in your inventory.

Now take out the pot from your inventory and click on the stream again to get some water.

The black puffle’s expression was totally not a mistake. Totally.

After you have done this, scroll a bit to the left and grab the piece of dry log before heading down the path towards the cave.

Click on the bushes in front of the cave’s entrance and go inside the cave. Scroll all the way to the left and click on any of the scattered stones to start building a fire.

To build your fire: put the log inside the circle of stones, take out the survival guide out of your inventory & click above the log, and give an O berry to your black puffle.

Now put the pot full of water on the fire and click on it when it starts boiling.

Next, put the fish over the fire and click on it when it looks cooked. After this, you will start feeling sleepy.

When you wake up, the fire will be out and there will be noises outside.

Go outside and click on the Jet Pack Guy to head back to G.

Once you’re back, click on G and tell him what happened.

Don’t forget to click on both, “Get Medal” and “Get Letter” option before clicking “End Mission“.

This will put the Mission 2 Medal and the Letter from G in your inventory.







Congratulations, you have completed PSA Mission #2, G’s Secret Mission!

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