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Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the sixth PSA mission – Questions for A Crab.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

When you load in to the mission, G will be standing with his clipboard. Interact with him and he will ask you if you are ready to interrogate Klutzy.

G will start the Crab Translator 3000.

Unfortunately, the machine malfunctions and explodes. Klutzy happily hops out and scuttles along out the HQ and towards the Ski Village. Follow him.

When you arrive at the Ski Village, there will be two penguins standing outside having a conversation. Ask them if they have seen Klutzy.

They will direct you to the Ski Hill.

You will see Kluzty hop off the mountain. Follow him.

You will both be falling down the snowy hill slowly, making very awkward eye contact!

Note: this is the same area from PSA #2 – G’s Secret Mission.

Klutzy will go through to this bushy area. Follow him.

He will then go down to the river.

Klutzy will go through into this door which is apparently ‘too small for a penguin to fit through’. (Watch your figure guys!)

We need to make a friend who can fit through this door.

Follow this path.

You will arrive in a room with a trap for puffles, armed with a bag full of O berries. Take your Spy Phone from your Inventory.

Press the Tools button to produce three tools. Use the scissors to cut down the bag of O berries.

Place the O berries in your Inventory.

Follow this path to meet our new friend.

Oh look! It’s a black puffle who shall be referred to as Silv for the rest of the tutorial.

Take an O berry from your Inventory and feed Silv to make him happy and help us with the pesky door.

Scroll to the right to go back to the door.

Feed Silv another O berry to bait him into going through the door and opening it.

As soon as we load in, Herbert will drop a cage on us and trap us. Silv will go and cleverly hide behind a rock, keeping a low profile.

Herbert will take your Spy Phone.

Herbert will go onto tell his life story and how he ended up in Club Penguin in the first place.

Note: This is pretty amusing and I recommend giving it a read instead of spamming through it.

Herbert and Kluzty will get on their machine and drive off.

Silv, who now looks scared, will come out from behind the rock.

Scroll to the right to get to the Cage Lift. Put an O berry on the lever.

This will start water flow in the system. Put another O berry on the left side of the pipe.

Water will start flowing downwards. Put a final O berry on the scale to lift the component blocking the water flow.

You will now be free. Scroll to the left and you will see an Electro Magnet 3000 plan and a bottle of hot sauce. Take both.

Note: To get both medals for this mission, the Electro Magnet 3000 is needed. Don’t forget it!

Just to the right of this will be a rope and anchor. Take both.

You now have every item needed from Herbert’s lair. Scroll to the left to get to the door.

Once you get to the door, go into your inventory and take an O berry from the sack. Place it in your Inventory and combine it with the Hot Sauce to create a flaming O berry.

Feed the flaming O berry to Silv. This will cause him to go Sicko Mobamba on the door and go through all the snow that blocks it.

Follow this path to get to the mountain where you fell off.

You will now be at the mountian. Combine the anchor and rope to make a grappeling hook.

Hook the anchor on the mountain to get back to the Ski Hill.

Get down to the Ski Lodge to go check on Herbert.

Herbert will be screaming from starvation for a seaweed pizza. Go down to the Pizza Parlor and get him one.

Click on the pizza chef and ask him for Herbert’s seaweed pizza.

Collect the pizza and go back to the Ski Lodge (Take the above path in reverse.)

Once you make it to the Ski Lodge, place the pizza beside Herbert.

He will start snacking on the pizza giving you a short interval to flip the lever on his machine from this:

To this:

Note: If you don’t do this fast enough, Herbert will finish his pizza and continue to work on the machine, meaning you will have to go and get another seaweed pizza.

Herbert will turn on the machine and it will go the wrong way and he will crash.

G will hear the commotion and come check out what’s happening.

He realises everything is fine and asks if you have anything for him. Hand G the Electro Magnet 3000 plan.

The mission will end.


Congratulations! You have just completed PSA #6 – Questions for a Crab!



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