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Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the seventh PSA mission: Clockwork Repairs.

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

When you load in to the mission, G will be sitting looking at the security cameras. Interact with him and he will ask you if you are aware of the situation.

He will ask you to check the Snow Forts security footage. Interact with the flickering screen and you’ll be taken to a video of Herbert and Klutzy sabotaging and stealing parts of the Clock Tower!

After clicking off the screen and interacting with Gary, move right and interact with the magnet with a battery attached to it, this will be useful for collecting the Clock Spring.

The code to unlocking it is KEY, but you must enter in the symbols using Code to decipher them at the bottom right. The finished code should look like this:

After unlocking the cabinet, collect the magnet and move into the Gadget Room. Pick up the life ring, this will be useful for collecting the Clock Target.

Move to the Iceberg and turn until you find the Clock Spring, you can collect it by using the magnet as seen here:

Return to the Gadget Room and place the Clock Spring on the Test Chamber.

Interact with the lever and once the Clock Springs in the glass container, press the button with the fire symbol to unfreeze it. Press the lever once more and collect the Clock Spring.

Next, travel to the Dock and interact with one of the penguins in Blue Hockey Jerseys. They will challenge you to a mini game. Click and hold to choose the speed of the snowball and click again to shoot. Hit the target three times to receive the Clock Target.

Give one of the penguins the life ring so they can continue their mini game with a replacement target! You will now receive the special gift at the end of the mission.

Travel to the Town and interact with Rookie. Ask for a poster of the missing Clock Gear, this will help you collect it.

Move to the Beach to collect the green bucket in between the penguin in green on a deck chair and the yellow penguin in sunglasses on a throne made of snow.

Travel to Snow Forts and collect strong snow nearby Rory, which will help in collecting the Clock Gear.

In the Pizza Parlour, pick up the Music Sheet next to the piano.

Travel to the Stage and interact with the piano then place down the Music Sheet. You will need to press the colour coded keys matching the Music Sheet and impress the yellow puffle behind the curtain.

Give the Clock Gear poster to the puffle then the bucket of snow and they will build a replacement Clock Gear!

Travel back to the Gadget Room to place the Clock Gear into the Test Chamber. This time press the button with the snow symbol to create a long lasting replacement for the missing Clock Gear.

Move back to Snow Forts then click behind the Clock Tower and place the Clock Spring opposite the other, place the replacement Clock Gear in between both Clock Springs. Lastly, place the Clock Target at the left and you will have repaired the Clock Tower!

Afterwards you will receive an angry call from Herbert, who reveals his plans are only just beginning.

After speaking to Gary, collect the Medal and the Gift, which is a Blue Pennant gifted by those penguins you played the mini game with earlier!

Congratulations, you have completed Mission Seven!



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