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The 2020 Puffle Party is live on Club Penguin Rewritten! Read on for a complete guide to all this new party has to offer!

There are a couple new rooms this party! Lets go through what they are and where to find them.

You can find the Box Dimension at the beach, through a giant box portal!

You can access the Nightclub Roof through the Dance Lounge, above the Nightclub.

You can click this machine to jam out to different songs!

The Puffle Feeding mini-game room is back! You can find it through the Snow Forts:

The last two new rooms are found through the Ski Village. Head there to find the Puffle Show and the Play Zone.

Inside the Puffle Show

Inside the Play Zone.

You can also go through a cool ‘puffle door’ to find another secret room!

Once you enter this last room, you will be transformed into a puffle! You can change the colour puffle you transform into by bringing along a pet puffle of that colour.

There is one stamp you can get from this Party! In order to get Party Puffle, bring your Puffle to their party room!

Each puffle has their own specific party room, so good luck finding yours!

With a new party, comes new items! Here’s where to find them.

In the town you can pick up the Polka Dot Puffle Hat.

At the Cove, you can pick up a free Red Puffle Bandana!

Head on into the Play Zone to find a whole load of new items. First, you can get your free Puffle Jacket here:

You can also find the Puffle Costumes catalogue here!

In the Puffle Costumes catalogue, you can buy all 11 puffle colour costumes. Pink is best.

Stay tuned for a potential week two party guide starting February 27th!


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