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Pufflescape was recently released on Club Penguin Rewritten. Read on for a simple guide on how to get all the stamps!

There are 11 stamps for Pufflescape. There are 3 easy, 4 medium, 3 hard and 1 extreme stamps:

Bonus Snack
On a Roll
Puzzle Pro
Bite in Time
Puffle O Feast
Extreme Puzzler
Master Roller
Quick Snack
Epic Roller
Ice Master
Fast Food

Lets get started!

Bonus Snack:

Bonus Snack stamp

The easiest stamp to start! All you need to do is collect a Puffle O in any level.

On a Roll / Puffle Pro:

On a Roll stamp 

As you progress, playing through the game you will earn these two stamps. On a Roll is for completing level 4, and Puffle Pro is for completing level 8.

Puffle O Feast:

Puffle O Feast stamp

To get this stamp, you need to collect all the Puffle Os in one set of levels. The Entrance is the easiest section for this.

Bite in Time:

Bite in Time stamp

Once you complete a level with all Puffle Os, you will unlock a time trial for that level. All you need to do for this stamp is enter any time trial level and eat a disappearing Puffle O. Be quick!

Extreme Puzzler / Master Roller:

Extreme Puzzler stamp  Master Roller for infobox

You will obtain these two stamps as you play the game, getting to the final level. Extreme Puzzler is for completing level 12, and Master Roller is for completing level 17.

Quick Snack:

Quick Snack stamp

For the first hard stamp, you need to eat all the disappearing Puffle Os in a level. I’d recommend completing the first time trial level for this.

Epic Roller / Ice Master:

Epic Roller stamp  Stamp 437

These are the last “checkpoint” stamps. Once you have these, you have completed every level at least once. Epic Roller is for completing level 22, and Ice Master is for completing the last level, level 23.

Fast Food:

To get the only extreme difficulty stamp in Pufflescape, you need to complete every time trial level with every single Puffle O in one set of levels. Do the Entrance set of time trial levels for this. Good luck!

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