With the holidays coming closer and closer, the Rebels needed to find the Grinch quickly. Since all of their festive food was taken, they decided to have a good old fashioned RPF potluck and create a holiday feast. Food from all over the world was shared, and the Rebels were refreshed and ready to reclaim what was theirs.

The Party Planning Committee banded together to find the Grinch and their stolen items once and for all. They spotted him at the ski mountain and decided to lay out a tripwire to catch him in the act.

Just when the Grinch was about to trip, he saw the Rebels peeking from afar and realized it was a trap! He took off in a hurry, so fast that a notebook with a single hidden message was left behind!

Crack the code and answer to unlock another piece of the combination number to open the vault HERE

CLICK HERE to read more on Rebel Grinchmas or solve the first clue!

CLICK HERE to solve the second clue!

Do you know the vault combination?

Be sure to direct message a Party Planning Committee member at the end of the party week for a chance to win Rebel Cash for solving the puzzles. You can find a list of all of the Party Planning Committee members by typing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots.

Special thanks to Jae for the Grinch sticker!


You're doing amazing sweetie

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