Invisible Person

The Party Planning Committee could not miss out on the chance to prepare a spooky project for Halloween! We are presenting Rebel Horror Hotel! Pack your belongings and join us for a one-week stay in the renowned Hotel Transylvania, which is full of adventures for you to peruse! Just to verify you have got everything covered, go over this post to receive your invitation alongside a little quiz that will assign a unique type of monster to you! If you dare, keep on reading to learn everything you need to know about the Invisible Person.

”Oh, sorry. I should really clear my throat before I speak.”

Invisible People can see themselves, while remaining unseen by others. They usually lose track of the fact that other creatures can’t notice their appeareance, which leads to awkward, but funny situations. They are often described as witty, dry and loyal. It comes off as no surprise that they take advantage of their unique quirk to pull off most remarkable pranks. Watch where you are going, you do not want to run into a floating pair of glasses!

YARN | GRIFFIN: (IN GIRLY VOICE) I'm gonna miss you so much. | Hotel  Transylvania 2 (2015) | Video clips by quotes | 381102c6 | 紗

If you think being an Invisible Person seems unappealing or uninteresting, you are looking at it the wrong way! As a matter of fact, Invisible People are more than just their appeareance, and despite being hard to notice at first, it becomes practically impossible for them to leave the spotlight. Everyone is in for a surprise when they hear someone speak out of nowhere, and a good one, because your words prove that you are more than just mere looks.

Your undying loyalty and witty remarks will never be forgotten by your friends, who know they can always rely on you to help out in times of need. It is humble of you to always think of yourself as a regular individual, taking care of your appeareance, even if nobody really appreciates it. In spite of that, you constantly enable your friends’ creativity, as they all picture you in a unique way! You may be invisible to the eye, but you never go unnoticed at a party. Good on you, dude!

We certainly wish this description was spot on! Don’t miss out on any details regarding this week-long event brought by the Party Planning Committee. Feel free to make yourself comfortable and explore the Rebel Horror Hotel, just scream for the staff if you need anything!

Shoutout to Jaeun for the title gfx!

~Party Planning Committee ~



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