Rebel Horror Week 2022

Alexa, play Monster Mash.


We are very excited to invite you all to our Rebel Horror Week, with a twist! We have summoned the best dressed spirits for this spooky fashion week! This week will be jam packed with special events, tasks and rewards! Your design skills will be challenged to the full so get ready to get creative. So join us in the week of October 23rd until October 30th, for activities, games, and a a whole lot of fun!



Break Day: Gotta keep up with the theme! Come watch Gravity Falls with us!


AUSIA: Let’s see how creative you can get! Create an outfit based around a specific clothing item on club penguin!

US: You will be assigned a paranormal partner in crime for this special twin event! Make matching outfits after a theme given to you.


EU:  Missed branch battles? So did we. Come support your branch in this fashion show where the power is yours. YOU choose the theme!


EU: We love twists so here is one more. For this hide n seek, you have to find separate articles of clothing hidden in the island to assemble the final outfit!


Break day: Take a break from the fashion designing with some more gravity falls episodes!


AUSIA: Igloo Raids are back! Decorate your spooky igloos for this event and earn a special stamp as well as the very limited role of Horror Host! You can get furniture with the command !af [id]. Feel free to use the furniture website to find all the ones you need!


EU: It wouldn’t be a special week without a BIA event. Join us for this Halloween Themed Homecoming with our brother allies the Ice Warriors, filled with music, awards and the return of an old (and hopefully) fave.

Note: More details and specifications about the events will be announced closer to each event time.

Use the command .horrorweek to see the schedule.


Throughout the week, giveaways will be happening after randomly chosen events. They will vary from rebel cash prizes to even Nitro! Keep in mind that to enter the giveaway you must have attended the event. You will only have a limited amount of time to enter so make sure to stick around in #main-chat after the event to know as soon as they’re out!

The fun doesn’t stop here though! It wouldn’t be a fashion horror week without some terrifying sales! At the end of the week, there will be major discounts in most Rebel Cash Shop and Workshop roles, so make sure you save your money so you don’t miss out!

On top of the giveaways and sales, there will be a checklist to complete. By completing all things on the check list, you earn the Methodical Monster role!

Use the command .checklist!

Various NEW and LIMITED roles will also be available to be purchased and earned throughout the week.

We hope you enjoy this week! Special thanks to the Rebel Graphic Designers for creating the amazing graphics!


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