Rebel Penguin Federation vs Templars – Legends Cup XI Semi-Finals

Emerging victorious from the quarter-finals, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Templars went head-to-head in the Legends Cup XI semis. With the Templars’ recent increase in both size and army activity, alongside RPF’s already-huge army size and long chain of victories, both armies were ready to give it their all to get to the finals and have a shot at taking home the cup. Judged by FooFee, Comedy, and DMT, the semi-finals commenced on August 7, 2021 at 2pm EDT.


The Rebel Penguin Federation started off strong in the first room, entering with a “TCPDOWN” x8 bomb, effectively covering the Templars for the crucial first few seconds. While pressing E9, the Rebels settled into an upside-down V formation, holding their ground while the Templars continued their bombing. They eventually came into a plus form with a line at the bottom, and the intense battle began.

With the history between RPF and TCP, it came as no surprise that both armies didn’t hold back with their words. The Rebels shot tactic after tactic, including the big word bubble “SAW YOU COMING OUT TO OUR EVENTS,,, OBSESSED ISN’T A CUTE LOOK” as a reference to the Templars watching RPF in their events leading up to the semi-finals. The Templars answered back with a fierce  “YOU ARE APART OF THE BIA BUT I SEE YOU HAVE NO ICE” and held it until it nearly covered the opposing army. After a few more minutes, the Rebels bombed out of their form with a “YOU DIDN’T DESERVE TWO TIES AND YOUR LEADERS ADMITTED IT TO US” and sat in a plus formation with a line at the bottom similar to the Templars’. TCP followed suit, bombing out of their plus before changing into an upside-down T form. The harsh back and forth of tactics continued throughout the form changes, with both armies keeping their size consistent.  Both armies displayed several more formation changes including moving forms, with the Rebels doing an ET and the Templars finishing with an EU tactic, before finally moving on to the next room.

As Room 1 concluded, the judges gave the win to the Rebel Penguin Federation, applauding their quick room entry and consistent 15+ size advantage.


The 2nd room was overwhelmingly filled with Rebels within the first few moments while they did a classic bomb of “TAKEDOWN” x7. The Templars followed not too long after, bombing a J tactic as they came in. Both armies take their place in occupying the stadium, with Templars taking on an upside-down V form while the Rebels sat in an upright V.

TCP attacked with a “THE TUXEDO TIMES IS AS EQUALLY BAD AS CPAN ARTICLES”, which they quickly followed with an E7 winks. RPF rebuffed with a blunt “”CPAN’S ARTICLES ARE BAD” THAT’S WHY YOU WANT BACK IN?”, referencing the Templars’ recent removal from the CPAN server and their HCOM’s desire to get back in. Rubbing salt on the wound, the Rebels did E6 tongue faces and held it. The Templars then J bombed out of their formation while RPF stood firm in their current position. The two armies fired more tactics at each other, such as a “SUPERIOR” x7 and “BOREDOM” x8 from the Rebels, which were counter-attacked with “EMBRACECHANGE” x4 and “TEMPLARS” x6 from TCP. The Rebels ended the room in a box formation around the stadium, with the Templars still holding their ground in their initial upside-down V form. With everyone’s maps up and cursors ready to click on the next room, both armies rushed to the third and final room.

Room 2 victory was handed over to the Rebel Penguin Federation due to their initial massive size advantage and witty tactics,


Both TCP and RPF gave their all for the final room in an attempt at nabbing the last chance of getting to the finals. The Rebels bombed with a “BLACKHOLE” x6 as they entered the Snow Forts, almost completely covering the Templars as they bombed their exclamation points.

Settling into a right triangle form, the Rebels fired more big word bubbles including the “WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU? PLAYING ROBLOX?” which seemed to mock Templars’ sudden decrease in size. TCP fought back with more emote tactics, switching from an E8 E9 alternate to an EC coffees, which effectively helped them be seen above RPF’s big tactics. Switching from one form to another, RPF maintained their sharp lines and big tactics, while the Templars resisted by doing multiple movements while saying tactics like “SHAKE THE ROOM AND SWEEP THE BROOMS”. The Rebels did more of their classic “RPFOWNS” x8, “BOOM” x13 and “WEEWOO” x9 bubbles, drowning out the opposing army’s tactics. The room ended with both RPF and TCP bombing fiercely with RebelVictory and Goodbye respectively, leaving the final decision up to the judges.

The judges ruled Rebel Penguin Federation as the winner for Room 3 as a result of the Templars moving to the predicted next battle room early, leading to the judges changing the final room from Iceberg to Snow Forts. This gave the Rebels an advantage of getting into the room quicker, hence getting more tactics and formations out. As a conclusion, RPF managed to bag a clean 3-room win.


Congratulations to the Rebel Penguin Federation on advancing to the Legends Cup XI finals, and congratulations to the Templars on putting up a good fight! Thank you to the judges who took time out of their day to judge this battle.

– Jaeun; General


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