Rebel Rewind: History of the Christmas Chaos

In 2011, Club Penguin Army Central hosted the first Christmas Chaos tournament. The idea was extraordinary in hindsight, taking advantage of many army members’ winter breaks for some of the greatest battles in army history. With controversy, camaraderie, and a whole lot of Christmas, the Christmas Chaos tournament is fun for every army involved.

Christmas Chaos I

In the first round of Christmas Chaos I, the Rebel Penguin Federation took on the Golden Troops. The Golden Troops showed up 10 minutes late and were outnumbered. Due to better tactics and a few more penguins online, round 1 would go to the Rebel Penguin Federation. In the quarterfinals, the Rebels went up against Team Gold. The Rebels were somewhat outnumbered at the start of the battle, yet still managed to pull out a win. In the battle review, the judges from CPAC stated that “size and good use of tactics” led to a Federation win. In the semifinals, the Rebel Penguin Federation would take on the Ninjas, a similar-size army. The Ninjas would max 15 at this battle while the Rebels would max 10, leading to a Ninjas win. The Ninjas, Ice Warriors, and Nachos would duke it out in the Christmas Chaos finals. The Ninjas had to leave after an hour, leaving the Ice Warriors and the Nachos to fight for the trophy. The Nachos would end up winning the battle and the first Christmas Chaos tournament.

Christmas Chaos II

In the second Christmas Chaos tournament, the RPF did not take part.

Christmas Chaos III

In Christmas Chaos III, the Rebel Penguin Federation was back and ready to fight. The Rebels went against the Redemption Force in Round 1. 28 Rebels showed up to battle, defeating the Redemption Force’s 20 penguin squad. In Round 2, the Rebel Penguin Federation would defeat the Ice Warriors. In Round 3, the Rebel Penguin Federation would bring 60 penguins and defeat the Army of Club Penguin. The Rebels would go on to defeat the Dark Warriors in the championship. The Rebel Penguin Federation brought 80 penguins compared to the Dark Warriors’ 55. The Dark Warriors also left two rooms early, violating tournament rules.

Christmas Chaos III trophy

Christmas Chaos IV

After a stunning win in Christmas Chaos III, the Rebels would look to repeat. The Rebels would take home a round one victory against Chaos Army, and would go on to face the Ice Warriors. The Rebel Penguin Federation would keep the streak going, defeating the Ice Warriors. The Rebels would go on to face the Dark Warriors in a rematch of the Christmas Chaos III championship. This time, the Dark Warriors would prevail, sending the Rebels home. The Dark Warriors would go on to beat the Light Troops in the finals, providing a silver lining for the Rebels.

Christmas Chaos V

After a loss in Christmas Chaos IV, the Rebel Penguin Federation would rebound. With RPF Legend Elmikey returning to leadership, the Rebels would take a round 1 win over the Snow Ninjas. The Rebels would go on to take a win over the Light Warriors. In the semis, the Rebels would take on the Ice Warriors, a common theme in this tournament’s history. In the finals, the Rebels would take on their longtime rivals, the Nachos. The Rebels were slightly smaller than the Nachos during the battle. Yet at the end of the battle, 4 out of the 5 judges ruled in favor of the Rebel Penguin Federation

Christmas Chaos VI

After a Christmas Chaos V win, the Rebels looked to repeat in Christmas Chaos VI.  In Round 1, the Rebels defeated the Kings with much larger sizes and cleaner tactics. In the quarterfinals, the Rebel Penguin Federation would take on the Army of Club Penguin. The Army of Club Penguin had come off of a bye week, while the Rebels came into the battle with momentum.  The Rebels used said momentum to outnumber the Army of Club Penguin 25-7 and go on to the semifinals. In the semifinals, the Corsairs would admit defeat after 13 minutes of battling. This led to the finals against the Doritos of Club Penguin. In the finals, the Rebel Penguin Federation would hush (mute) the judge on Xat, giving the Rebels a poor entry. The RPF leader at the time would order his troops to regroup, violating tournament rules. After seven minutes in the first room, the Doritos were declared victorious.

Excerpt from CPAC post declaring the Doritos winners of Christmas Chaos VI

Christmas Chaos VII-IX

Penguin Press was the host of Christmas Chaos VII. No record of the tournament was found in researching this post. Club Penguin Online Army League hosted Christmas Chaos VIII and IX. The RPF did not take part in these tournaments. 

Christmas Chaos X

In 2020, the Rebels were a force to be reckoned with. The Rebel Penguin Federation was coming off three prior tournament wins. With this in mind, the Rebels were ready to add a new tournament trophy to the trophy case. In Round 1, the Rebel Penguin Federation would take on the Fighter Pilots. In Round 2, the Rebels would take on the small/medium powerhouse Silver Empire. In the semifinals, the Rebel Penguin Federation would take on the Help Force. The Rebels would have 128 penguins online, breaking their Christmas Chaos size record. The RPF would win that battle, and go on to face the Ice Warriors in the finals. With 129 penguins online, the Rebels would win the Christmas Chaos X tournament.

Christmas Chaos X Trophy

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been a historically dominant army when it comes to tournaments, and Christmas Chaos is no exception. With three Christmas Chaos wins under their belt and many more semifinals appearances, it can be argued that the Rebel Penguin Federation is one of the greatest Christmas Chaos armies ever.

Jacquardio, Lieutenant General


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