Rebel Rewind: History of the Legends Cup

Last year in 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation won all four of the tournaments it participated in, including the 10th hosting of the Legends Cup! What was the RPF’s history in previous Legends Cups tournaments? Keep reading to find out how we performed in each of the 10 years the prestigious tournament was hosted!

The Legends Cup is a Club Penguin Army tournament annually hosted in July that features most armies in the community. The first Legends Cup was hosted back in 2010 and RPF participated in most years. It was first announced by the Army of Club Penguin founder, Oagalthorp, in this post and would be hosted in partnership with Club Penguin Army Central.

Legends Cup I

In the first year of the Legends Cup, RPF would make it all the way to the Semi-Finals after beating the Golden Troops in the Quarterfinals. They would lose to the Ice Warriors in the semis. In a 3rd place match, RPF would compete against the Army of Club Penguin, but would sadly lose finishing in 4th place. The Nachos would take the trophy that year.

Bravo Bracket (One of Two Brackets) in Legends Cup I

Legends Cup II / III

In the 2nd and 3rd years of the Legends Cup, RPF would not participate. The Ice Warriors would win Legends Cup 2 and Legends Cup 3.

Legends Cup IV

After beating the Shadow Troops and the Army Republic in the first two rounds, RPF was tasked with facing off against the Dark Warriors in the Semifinals. Defeating the Dark Warriors, RPF would advance to the finals against the Nachos and Doritos of Club Penguin. After an hour-long 3 way battle, RPF would be declared the winner, receiving their first Legends Cup victory.


RPF in the Legends Cup IV Finals Against DCP and Nachos


RPF with a clean EP Tactic against the Chip Armies

RPF Legends Cup IV Trophy

Legends Cup V

During the 5th Legends Cup, RPF would be divided into an RPF(1) and an RPF(2) amidst a civil war. RPF(2) would beat the Guardian Penguins in Round 1 but would die off as a group before facing the Golden Troops in Round 2. RPF(1) on the other hand would beat the Metal Warriors after a bye into Round Two. This would lead them to the Quarterfinals against the Light Troops, where they would ultimately lose. The Ice Warriors would take the victory during the 5th Legends Cup.

Easy Victory for RPF(1) after Metal Warriors’ no show during Legends Cup 5


Legends Cup V Bracket

Legends Cup VI

After a year of poor performance, RPF would perform stronger in the 6th Legends Cup. After a bye first round, RPF, with sizes of 31 penguins, would beat the Water Troops and move to the Quarterfinals. After a solid performance, RPF would keep the streak, maxing 60 penguins in their victories against the Pretzels in the Quarterfinals and Army of Club Penguin in the semis finals. Facing off against the Water Vikings in a close one-hour battle, RPF would prevail, winning their 2nd Legends Cup.

RPF during the Legends Cup VI Finals against the Water Vikings


Legends Cup VI Bracket


RPF Legends Cup VI Trophy

Legends Cup VII

Following easy victories against the Silver Surfers and Wild Ninjas in Round 1 and Quarterfinals, respectively, RPF would face off against the Army Republic and Night Warriors in a 3-way Semifinal battle. RPF would secure the victory and for the 2nd year in a row face the Water Vikings in the finals. Once again, RPF would emerge victorious, winning their 3rd Legends Cup.

RPF in the Quarterfinals against the Wild Ninjas in Legends Cup 7

Legends Cup VIII

Legends Cup VIII was the last tournament held on the Original Club Penguin, held in March of 2017, as opposed to the conventional July/August. After beating the Wild Ninjas and Shadow Troops in the Preliminary, RPF would lose to the Thugs in the Quarterfinals. The Nachos would be declared winners of the Legends Cup VIII. Though RPF did not perform as well, the future tournaments would be dominated by them.

The bracket of Legends Cup VIII

Legends Cup IX

Legends Cup IX was the first Legends Cup held on a CPPS. After easily defeating the Acids Army with massive size, RPF would go to face the Elite Guardians of Club Penguin. After a close battle against the Elite Guardians, RPF would be declared victorious after being tied in the first two rooms. In the finals, RPF would be tasked with beating the Elite Trackers & Activities Army. Once again, RPF would take the dub, claiming their fourth Legends Cup win! Feel free to check out the video of the finals created by the RPF Youtube team here!

Legends Cup X

Legends Cup X, the most recent Legends Cup, was arguably RPF’s best performance in the tournament. Following a wave of record sizes while a global pandemic raged, RPF thrived in this tournament. With sizes of about 90 in Round 1, 2, and the Quarterfinals, RPF would easily defeat the competition: EHUMA, Golden Troops, and the Elites, respectively. In the Semifinals, RPF would break the army uniform record and get 162 penguins to defeat the Ice Warriors. RPF would reach similar sizes of about 155 in the finals against the Help Force, and ultimately secure the dub, winning their 5th Legends Cup. You can check out the finals in this video created by the RPF Youtube Team. This would be the second time RPF won 2 Legends Cups in a row.

Legends Cup X Semifinals against the Ice Warriors

Legends Cup X Finals Against the Help Force

RPF Legends Cup X Trophy

The Rebel Penguin Federation has done extremely well in the 8 out of the 10 Legends Cups hosted in Club Penguin Army History. With a whopping 5 trophies to add to the collection, RPF holds the record for most wins in the Legends Cup. Furthermore, they join the Ice Warriors (3 wins) and Nachos (2 wins) as the only winners of the Legends Cup ever. Now that’s an epic flex. To all the veterans and members who have attended any Legends Cup battle, make sure to always remember those intense battles, as you were part of RPF History!

Yodabobobo – General

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