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Hey Rebels! The Rebel Broadcast Team is back with another issue of the History Column! In this column, Reeeeee, Yodabobobo, and Yas take a look back at notable moments in RPF History. With its influence on the current age, today we are taking a look into the great Rewritten Era! Without further ado let’s dive in!

In current days, the Rebel Penguin Federation heavily uses the Club Penguin Rewritten, a Club Penguin private server (CPPS) that has been around since the closure of the original Club Penguin, as its base of operations. With the CPPS emerging back in 2017, you might be wondering about the history of RPF on CPR!

Our insight takes us back to March 2017 to the closure of Club Penguin, a game near and dear to our hearts. While many armies shut their doors after the close of Club Penguin, the Rebel Penguin Federation continued to push through marking the start of a new age that would change their future!

The Final RPF Event on Club Penguin

From the start of the transition to the CPR, RPF consistently maxed well. RPF Legends Silverburg and Elmikey along with RPF Icons Chip and Junie would continue to lead RPF to great sizes of 60-70! With a lack of armies in the Club Penguin community, the infamous Tuba Army soon emerged in Club Penguin Rewritten. In early April 2017, the Tubas would invade the RPF Capital, Alaska, prompting RPF to declare war and start a prolonged war lasting about 7 months.

With Silverburg stepping down, we see the rise of RPF Legend Popsiclebeak into the leadership ranks, a Rebel Commander who would shape the future of RPF. In June of 2017, RPF would make the switch to Discord, which served as the home for chatting and operations as well as improved troop retention. The move to Discord contributed heavily to the future of RPF as we still use it to the present day!

Through the summer of 2017, as the RPF battled the Tubas army, they continued to max higher, hitting sizes of 70-100+ frequently. Many leadership changes occurred during the summer with Twitchy543, Junie, and Chip stepping down and the influential RPF Legend Left rising to Rebel Commander. Despite Elmikey’s inactivity, Popsiclebeak and Left would continue to lead RPF to consistent sizes through the end of 2017!

Operation: Jetpack in August 2017 in which RPF would hit sizes of 100+

Even with strong sizes, Elmikey’s inactivity plagued the leadership. In December, with a go-ahead from RPF Creator, Commando717, the leadership of Chip, Popsiclebeak, Left, and Tom asked Elmikey to step down. With Elmikey refusing, he attempted to overthrow the four leaders unsuccessfully. He was eventually couped and banned from RPF, leading to the closure of the Rewritten Era and the start of the Olympia Era!

RPF Leader Junie declares the start of the 4th Golden Age

With its rich history, the Rewritten Era would also serve as the first era of the Fourth Age! The era was the official start of RPF’s presence in Club Penguin private servers. With the leadership developing a strong root, RPF’s strength would continue even helping to influence the current age.

The Rebel Rewind Team reached out to RPF Icon and current RPF Advisor Junie for an interview about the Rewritten Era!

What made you declare the Rewritten Era as the start of the Fourth Golden Age?

That was the time period after CP shut down where we began reaching incredible sizes and numbers in the army to the point where it couldn’t be deemed anything less than the start of a golden age. The consistent numbers RPF was getting at every event was completely unmatched and many people were joining daily. It only made sense to declare the Rewritten Era as the start of a golden age. We saw tremendous potential on such short notice.

How was the move from the original Club Penguin to Club Penguin Rewritten as an army?

Before CP shut down, RPF had about average sizes in comparison to other armies at that time. While most armies decided to shut down alongside Club Penguin, we wanted to expand our horizons and see how far we could go once we shifted to Rewritten. We mostly retained our sizes but the leadership knew a lot of work had to be done if we wanted to grow significantly. We put out a lot of CPR guide posts, had mascot trackers and whatnot to gain attention. People were also very interested in our events, it did look to be very fun. From that point, RPF was booming. I’d say we had a very smooth transition especially with how that momentum led us to now. That 4th golden age was that significant to carry on the momentum for years until now. I’d even go as far as saying it’s the greatest of any armies of all time in that aspect

What about the move from Xat to Discord – how did it impact the army?

Oh man, I completely forgot. That definitely impacted the army SIGNIFICANTLY and by that, I mean it’s one of, if not, THE GREATEST decision RPF has ever made. Xat was outdated and absolutely outdone by Discord in regard to how easily we were able to organize and have such a large number of people. If we still continued xat to this day, we wouldn’t have the amount of people we have now, nor could we create such a large platform like RF to support a variety of divisions and games. Xat is relatively obscure. Everyone has Discord. That’s also a major reason why RPF was able to foster growth for years long after the 4th Golden Age began. That shift to Discord was a pivotal moment.

Currently, there are many rules for armies using CPR for events. What was the attitude of the CPR staff to RPF in the game’s early days, and were there any army rules of sorts?

The CPR staff had very mixed attitudes towards RPF during the early days. We did have our fair share of mistreatment by a few of the staff but overall I assume the community’s perception of RPF gradually shifted as dealing with armies was unfamiliar to the staff at the time. And because all of it was new, I don’t recall any official rules the staff made towards armies. Although, mods and admins were opposed to advertising (that includes other CPPSes as well because RPF used other ones which the staff didn’t like) and a few disliked the idea of us having organized events in general because of how laggy it made the servers. Considering there were no official rules instituted, incidents of mistreatment by staff had to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis and trust me, we complained a lot and made sure our voices were heard. Glad you guys have official rules now to avoid all the confusion and nonsense we had to deal with.

We hope you enjoyed our look into the Rewritten Era, an era that impacted the future of both the RPF as well as the entire army community.

If you have any questions or suggestions for future History Columns, DM one of the History Column members: Reeeeee, Yas, or Yodabobobo.

Yodabobobo~Lieutenant General

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