Hey there Rebels! As you’ve all heard, we have our Semi-finals of the eleventh Christmas Chaos tournament coming up this Saturday (check out #ccxi-battle-info for more info). If you missed out on last year’s tournament and are wondering how the semis in particular took place, be sure to keep reading!

December 12 December 2020

Dubbed Operation: Triumphant, the CCX semi-finals took place on the twelfth of December 2020. As one of the final battles in the Flash Era the stakes were high. Going up against the Help Force, the Rebels battled it out for 3 different rooms with their max of 128! The overall verdict was a 3-0 RPF win, but lets dive deeper into each of the rooms.

Room 1: Inside Mine

Starting off with a bang, the battle began in the mine with both armies pacing around with a bomb.  The Rebels took an S form, which later became the X form you can see below whilst the Help Force took an upside down T form. This room went to the Rebel Penguin Federation due to their “slight size advantage, cleaner forms, and quicker tactics“.

Room 2: Docks

Maintaining this energy, the two armies then continued on to the Docks where the Rebels quickly took a Plane form whilst the Help force took a coastline form. After 10 minutes of fast-paced battling, the judges gave the room to the Rebel Penguin Federation due to their “50 penguin advantage, covering forms, and speedier tactics“.

Room 3: Iceberg

Finally they finished off in the berg. With both armies fighting it out with their pristine forms and tactics – RPF with a plus form whilst HF took a V with a bottom line. The Rebels however took this room with their “slightly cleaner tactics/form“. This meant that the Rebels could continue on in the hopes that they would win the tenth Christmas Chaos trophy.

That’s all for now rebels! Hope you all enjoyed reading about the semi-finals! If you would like to attend the one this Saturday, this is a quick reminder to react over on #ccxi-battle-info to confirm your attendance. See you all next time!

A huge thanks to Jacquardio for a super detailed post last year which i referenced quite a bit! Be sure to check it out here.

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