Rebel Spirit Week – Autumn 2020

The Party Planning Committee is back with another exciting project! Introducing Rebel Spirit WeekGet ready for another fun filled week featuring themed events, a talent show, a very special contest, and our autumn gala! Read on for more information on some of our activities!

Rebel Broadway Day

Showcase your talent for the Rebels! Prizes include an exclusive role, performing at the autumn gala, and Rebel Cash! Join us in Voice Chat on Monday, September 7th for the talent show!

Sign up here if you would like to participate in the talent show! The form will close on Sunday, September 6th, so please be sure to fill it out by then.


— All talents must adhere to the Rebel Penguin Federation server rules.

— All artwork and media entries must be sent to me, milly!!!!!🕺🏻#9975 , prior to the talent show.

— Videos entries must be in full HD (1080p) or higher and must be free of watermarks.

— Video entries must not be uploaded to any video sharing platform until the talent show has concluded.

— Each person may enter up to 3 art pieces (drawings, paint etc,) don’t feel obligated that you must send 3, one art piece will do the job, quality over quantity 😀

— Each participant has an allotted time of 4 minutes to showcase their talent.


The Good Fight Gala

Join us for our Autumn Gala on Sunday, September 13th to conclude our busy week! Be sure to vote for your favourite theme here!

Please note that these are only some of the exciting events we have planned for Rebel Spirit Week! Be sure to keep an eye out on #announcements for more information!

Shout out to Koloway for the cool graphics!

Party Planning Committee: Milly, Brenatto, Penho, Redweeb, Crazzy, Moon, Elex, Rocket, Starship, Yammie, and Perry


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