RF Limited Time Role Contest [Results]

Greetings Rebels!

Today the contest team and I are excited to announce the results of the latest RNM contest!

The winner of the contest will win 3,500 rebel cash and will have their role added to the shop for a limited time. The person in second place will receive 1,500 rebel cash. The person in the third place will receive 1,000 rebel cash. 

In first place we have… Cosmo, winning 3,500 rebel cash and having their role added to the shop!

In second place we have… 1337Mishka, winning 1,500 rebel cash!


In third place we have… Orange37408, winning 500 rebel cash!


Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in the contest, and congratulations to our winners! Next contest coming soon!

–  Puffl, Contest Organizer 



  1. congrats on those mad lads

  2. Congratulations to Cosmo, Mishka, and Orange on winning the contest and good try to all who participated. 😀

  3. BScharbach2

  4. Congrats everyone!

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