The RNM Contest Team is back and ecstatic to present a brand new Christmas contest! We hope to see you all enjoy completing this new contest, completing daily tasks and getting some prizes and roles along the way. Read on to find out more!

For this contest you will be completing daily activities. Your goal is to complete all 12 of these activities by the end of the 12 days. You will be rewarded with Rebel Cash for each activity you complete, and you can also earn two special roles!

There will be two roles involved in this contest. First, you can earn the Advent Ace role by completing all 12 activities! In addition, for each activity where you submit a creative entry, one winner will be selected. Each person that wins one of these votes will earn the Santa’s Helper role!

In order to sumbit your tasks you can simply direct message any member of the Contest Team. You can find a list containing all the members of the team by doing .inrole contests in #bots. You can also see the current day’s activity with the .advent command!

Contest Rules

– You are allowed to submit your entries at anytime throughout the contest, as long as it is before the deadline.

– All freestyle entries must be appropriate and abide by RPF’s rules, as well as follow our usual contest rules.

– You are prohibited from revealing the riddle answers to other people.

– In order to complate an activity, you have to direct message a member of the Contest Team.

– Only CPPS used for this contest is CPRewritten.

All activities must be completed by Sunday, December 12th.

Day 1

Here’s a riddle! Find this item on Club Penguin Rewritten.

A tasty treat for Santa to enjoy
Don’t worry about the chimney, for he won’t destroy
Green aprons at work, grinding away
Freshly baked goods, come devour today

Day 2

Create a piece of Christmas themed art!

Day 3

Submit a christmas themed .work message!
All messages will be added to rebel banker’s messages, given they abide RPF rules.
Note: you can only submit 1 win and 1 lose message

Day 4

Here’s another riddle! Find the answer on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Nearby a feature, striped and perched crooked
Not clinging pines, that’s where the hook hid
Find these three lying, before they are lost
Under a sheet of sky fall, still showing their gloss

Day 5

Make a donation of 2000 rebel cash or more to the Rebel Cash for Change event! If you’ve already donated, you can just show a contest team member that you already have the volunteer role.

Day 6

Create a Christmas themed meme!

Day 7

Time for another riddle! Search for this item on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Someplace to throw your wood in,
And round up your friends and kin.
It’s cold and you’re in a sweater you’ve knit,
But somehow the wood is kept unlit.

Day 8

Find the 5 hidden emotes around the server!

🧝 🦌 🎄 ☕ ⛄

To find the first, visit santa’s helpers where they make toys in his…

Day 9

Decorate a Christmas themed igloo!

Day 10

Here’s one more riddle! Find this item on Club Penguin Rewritten.

Surrounded by gifts and presents, bowed up,
Stuck in a shield of glass, and snowed up,
Sitting by blueprints at a station being readied,
Making sure Christmas cheer remains steadied.

Day 11

Dress up your penguin in a christmas themed outfit!

Day 12

Find a hidden item in our website! Here’s your clue…

Hidden in the depths of time,
A familiar victory secured to last,
On our site, travel through time
And find this journey from the past

Please feel to reach out to any Contest Team members with any questions regarding the tasks. We can’t wait to see your completed advent calanders!

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