RNM ART CONTEST – [1/3/2022]

What’s that? The contest team is back?! We sure are and we’re bringing you a brand new contest to get involved in! We’re looking for you to express your creativity in this new art contest! Read on to find out!

You heard us correctly! It’s the return of the fan-art contest! With the muse as RPF or Club Penguin you can’t go wrong! So dust off those paintbrushes, sharpen your pencils, or even clean your camera lense and get creative!

You can send your entries in via DM to anyone in the contests team. If you’re not sure who that includes use the command .inrole contests in the #bots channel.

Every entry will be judged on creativity and originality! The 3 best entries will be featured on this very webpage, and the creators will be awarded rebel cash!

Contest Rules

– Art can be any form of still or moving art, e.g. pictures, videos, gifs, movies, comics etc.

– People are allowed to work together in teams of maximum 3 people for videos, and a maximum of 2 people for all other fan-art.

– Videos entries must be free of watermarks.

– Any submission must not be uploaded in the #arts channel before the release of the contest results.

The deadline for the contest is Sunday, March 20th.

We can’t wait to see all the creative things you will come up with.  As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask any member of the Contest Team. Good luck everyone!

gabgeirl | Lieutenant General

~RNM Contest Team~


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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