The RNM Contests Team is back yet again! Many rebels will remember a recent contest where everyone came up with unique ideas for new contests, with the twist that the winners would have their idea put into reality. Rachel, the winner of that contest, introduced us to one in which all rebels create their own shop role, and it is time to put that idea to good use! Keep reading below to find out how it will work.

We are tasking all rebels with the creation of a unique, purely cosmetic shop role, to be bought with rebel cash by doing .shop in the #bots channel. Whoever comes up with the most unique role will receive the Role Rebel role, and their role will be added to the shop in the #bots channel, to be purchased with rebel cash. Have we mentioned the word role yet?

Get in the role of a member of HCOM as you decide what the freshest addition to the shop should be! When you have the perfect idea, submit it to any member of the Contests Team via DMs! Be sure to specify the cost, the name, the description, and the theme or inspiration for your role if applicable. If you need help finding the members of the team, you can do .inrole Contests in the #bots channel. All entries will be judged equally based on uniqueness and creativity!

Contest Rules

– You may submit up to 2 different roles.

– All roles submitted are for the role shop found in our #bots channel.

– Mention all the relevant information when submitting (role name, description, rebel cash cost, hex code, etc.)

– Roles submitted may not offer any sort of benefits (weekly payout, rebel cash multiplier, etc.) They must be fully cosmetic.

Submissions close on November 20th!

That’s it for this contest, we hope to see all of you participate! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or concerns to any member of the Contests Team. Best of luck and have fun!

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