RNM EMOJI CONTEST – 02/22/2021

The RNM Contest Team has returned once again with another contest for the rebels.  This one has been requested quite a bit so read on to find out more!

Given the amount of requests for new emotes, the Contest Team is excited to bring back the Emoji contest!  This is your opportunity to have your own emotes added to the server. 

To participate, you must send us your emoji(s) in PNG or GIF Format. The file(s) must be in HD and must have a premium feel to it. You must send your entries to any member of the Contest Team.

You can find a list of all the members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots.

The emojis will be judged based on creativity and originality, and the ones we find best will be added to the server!

Contest Rules

– Each person is allowed to submit up to 5 entries.

– If two people submit the same emote, then only the one submitted first will be eligible for the contest.  In such case, we will inform you and you will be allowed to submit another entry.

– Your submission must be in PNG or GIF Format.  If it’s not, we will not be able to add it to the server.  If you don’t know how to do this, consult a member of the Contest Team.

– All entries must abide our rules and be appropriate for the server.

The submission deadline is Saturday, March 6th.

Good luck to everyone! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to a member of the Contest Team.

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