Hello folks! The RNM Contest Team is back again with another popular Igloo Decorating Contest! Time to get out of your summer vibes and dust off your furniture, ’cause it’s decorating time on CPBattleground! Read below to find out more!

In light of the approaching fall semester, this week’s contest theme is: back-to-school! Throw away your summer hammocks and bring out those rigid wooden chairs! Desks, lockers, gym bags, and books… we’re going by the textbook! Bring out the back-to-school vibes in your home to prepare for the year-long hel… I mean, to enhance your learning experience!

When you’ve finished with your school preparations, simply direct message any member of the Contest Team with a screenshot of your igloo! You can find a list of all our members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots. Submissions will be judged by our Contest team based on creativity and ingenuity, so start creating!

All winners will receive a Rebel Cash reward, in addition to the special Igloo Innovator role for the first place winner!

Contest Rules

– Only one submission per contestant.

– Your submitted igloo must be made in CPBattleground, it’s the only CPPS allowed.  Use the command !af [ID] to equip a furniture item and the command !ac [number] to get coins.  You can find a list of all furniture items here.

– You must make sure the Igloo Edit button can be seen on the bottom-right, to verify you are using CPBattleground.

– Do not send a picture of your igloo anywhere in the server before results are announced.

– Do not take credit for other people’s ideas, be inventive and let everyone have fun!

All entries are to be submitted by September 11th.

Hope you have fun getting back in the school vibe! Don’t forget to reach out to any member of the Contest Team if you have any questions or concerns! Good luck, Rebels!

-Master DS | Major General

~RNM Contest Team~

Master DS

Lead from the heart, not the head.

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