The RNM Contest Team is finally back with the results for the Igloo Decorating Contest! This contest asked to use your best interior decorating skills and submit your best iggy designs using the recent igloo catalogs in CPLegacy.

The Contest Team was thrilled to see all your wonderful entries, and thoroughly impressed by your designing skills! While skimming through all the submissions, the following three were the ones that stood out the most…

In first place, winning 5000 rebel cash and the Igloo Igloo Innovator is…


In second place, winning 2500 rebel cash is…


And in third place, winning 1000 rebel cash, we have…


Congratulations to the winners, and a big round of applause to all who participated in this contest! See you in the next one!

-Master DS | Lieutenant General

~RNM Contest Team~

Master DS

Lead from the heart, not the head.

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