RNM MEME CONTEST [03/08/2020]

The RNM contest team is back with a fun and much awaited contest! Read on to find out more…

This week we are asking you to get creative and make some awesome RPF / Club Penguin memes! We’ve seen lot’s of interest in this topic recently so hope you’re all excited!

Make sure to DM your entry to anyone on the Contest Team. A list of all members can be found by typing .inrole contests in #bots.

The Contest Team will pick our favorite three memes, and the winning participants will be awarded with a rebel cash prize!


– Max of two entries per person

– No referencing of specific people

– Must follow RPF rules and be appropriate (no swearing etc)

– Do not send your entries in #memes prior to results being announced

All submissions must be in by Saturday 15th August

Good luck everyone, we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with! If you have any questions make sure to DM a member of the Contest Team, and don’t be afraid to send in your entries and put yourself out there!

– Fevlature, Lieutenant General


~RNM Contest Team~


no t, no shade, no pink lemonade


  1. tenkjo

  2. i made a funni meme

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