I spy with my little eyes, another scavenger hunt contest! The RNM Contest Team presents yet another exciting and challenging scavenger hunt!

With the launch of the new Mountain Expedition Themeon CPLegacy, this contest allows you to explore some of the decorated rooms and see some of the hidden details. We hope you all have fun with this contest!

How it works is, two riddles will be released every day for three days. Solving all the riddles will result in a rebel cash prize and the Expeditionary Force role!

Contest Rules:

– You are allowed to work in groups of up to 4 people, but you can also work alone if you wish.

–  When you find the item, direct message any member of the Contest Team with the name of the item and location OR with a screenshot of the item. You can find a list of the team members by doing .inrole contests in #bots.

– There is no daily deadline for each riddle. You can submit them all at once or one by one on any day you like, but all answers must be submitted by end of day Wednesday, 6th July.

– Sharing the answers with others is not permitted!

– Feel free to message a member of the Contest Team if you need a clue!

– The items will be found exclusively on CPlegacy.


Riddle 1

A bone chilling breeze,
May make you freeze.
This tedious undertaking,
Might be this teacher’s making.

Riddle 2

The fire is warm,
The mountain expedition is your quest.
Before going drink one of these,
For your thirst will be quenched.


Riddle 1

Getting ready to go on my hike,
Its going to be cold and dreary.
Perhaps I can take some food from this sleigh,
Because its warm and very cheesy.

Riddle 2

Up in the cold thin air,
Where you arrive in freezing breath.
Standing atop all,
It captures the long-awaited memorial.


Riddle 1

Stuck in place,
From cold and time.
A solid stream,
Holds this ride.

Riddle 2

Despite the cold,
The goal is planted tall.
A music device sits,
Ready for the future to fall.

All the best in your scavenger hunt endeavors! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to a contest team member if you have any questions or need some help!




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