The RNM Contest Team is back and ready to present you an exciting collaboration with the Party Planning Committee for Rebel Spirit Week!

Beware, a strange alien-like entity has taken over Rebel Banker. Both Rebel Commanders have received word that the bot is planning something massive for the Rebel Penguin Federation. Banker’s current plan remains unknown but speculation has led HCOM to believe a meteor is heading for the CPR island! Such a rumour poses a potential threat to the entire federation! Help F6 and the rest of HCOM locate their special items to take on Rebel Banker and save the RPF!

An unknown accomplice has dropped several hints to help locate these items! However, nothing as a simple as it seems. The said accomplice has presented the hints as riddles! Each day the RNM Contest Team will be releasing one riddle per item. Happy hunting!

Riddle of the Day:

I am yellow but not a light, give me to lance so he can fight the good fight, if you’re feeling quenched you may also find me as the special flavour in sprite

Rules & Restrictions: 

  1. Troops are permitted to work in teams with a maximum of 4 members to find each item. While team work is encouraged, working alone is just fine.
  2. Absolutely NO sharing of item locations outside of your respective teams.
  3. When an item is located, DM a member of the Contest Team with a. the item name and location AND b. a screenshot of your team/penguin beside the item in game.
  4. Participants are permitted to submit riddle answers on their own schedule with the final deadline being no later than Sunday, September 12th. Please note that the riddles will update daily and previous riddles will disappear from the site. You will be responsible for saving the riddles, or asking a Contest Team member if you choose to respond on a separate day. ex. submitting riddle answers the day they are released, or all on Sunday etc.
  5. Feel free to reach out to a member of the Contest Team for a clue and have fun!

The usernames of Contest Team members may be found by using the command .inrole Contests in #bots

We are ecstatic to be apart of Rebel Spirit Week! Please feel to reach out to any Contest Team member with any questions regarding our Scavenger Hunt. Stay tuned for new daily riddles!

– panini | Head General



i was a girl in the village doin' alright, then i became a princess overnight!


  1. I was a silly girl then i became a damn cool girl .

  2. How to take part in the contest?

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