With the end of the Scavenger Hunt contest, it is time to announce the results of this contest! Last week, you were presented with a riddle a day to solve. The RNM Contest Team hopes you had a great time exploring the island and the Pirate Party while trying to answer the riddles!

The Contest Team thanks every rebel that took part in the contest and attempted to solve the riddles! Every correct answer earned you rebel cash and every rebel that got all the answers correct also received the Treasure Hunter role!

This post includes the answers to all the riddles.

Teams/Individuals Scoring Perfect:


Total Correct Riddle Submissions:


Teams will be rewarded 100 Rebel Cash per correct answer.

Tuesday’s Riddle:

Down by the seashore; where two vessels duel; a wood case awaits; holding secret fuel.

[answer: Box of Cream Soda Bottles in the Ship Battle room]

Wednesday’s Riddle:

Sitting by the green; where the sun tries to reach; this food eaten has not been; and now a claw is off the leash.

[answer: Pizza Slice in the Tree Forts]

Thursday’s Riddle:

Following the creek; like you could do all week; a mermaid may sing up a cyclone; as she sits upon this throne.

[answer: Clam Chair in the Cove]

Friday’s Riddle:

You’re ready for a fun night; where friends go, to seek delight; near the stage, music plays; what is behind, but a beautiful display.

[answer: Wooden Penguin in the Night Club]

Saturday’s Riddle:

My buddies and I hang out; over a deserted place; been here a while collecting coins; only my framework remains.

[answer: Sandboxes in the Beach]

Sunday’s Riddle:

In an emerald room; neighbouring a ruby gem; a burning glow drips; atop this marker of doom.

[answer: Candle/cannonball underneath in Shellbeard’s Locker]

The Contest Team would like to once again thank everyone for your participation and enthusiasm! Hope you have a good time with the next contest!

Pinkpop | Lieutenant General



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