As the RNM Contest Team wrapped up our pirate-themed igloo decorating contest, it was filled with many creative and loot-tastic igloos! There’s no rest for the weary as we are back at it with another innovative contest

For this Sticker Contest, we want all artistic and inspiring stickers to make a fine addition to our collection! Want to see your creation made into a sticker? From a certain iconic ban message sticker to a custom-made sticker exclusively for the server, this is the contest for you!

To enter, just direct message a member of the Contest Team a picture of the image you want made into a sticker. You can find a list of all members by doing .INROLE CONTESTS in #bots.

All entries will be judged on creativity and originality and the winners will have their entries added to the server! Best of luck to everyone!


– No more than five entries per person

– If the same file were to be submitted twice by two different people, the person who sent it first will get to keep that entry, and we’ll let the other one change their submission.

– Every entry must follow the RPF rules (appropriate, no swearing, etc.)

– All entries must be in either PNG or APNG format, and the file should not exceed 500KB.

All entries must be submitted by March 1st 

Feel free to reach out to anyone on the Contest Team regarding any questions you may have. Good luck everyone and remember to have fun!



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