For the past two weeks, a sticker contest was held, and now, the RNM Contest Team is finally ready to announce the results! For this contest, we asked you all to submit your creative and original stickers so as to expand our sticker collection.

Our team received many wonderful stickers and spent an amazing time going through all the submissions, so shout-out to everyone who sent in their entries! But alas, there can only be 3 winners

First place, winning 5000 Rebel Cash and earning the role of Sticker Superstar is…


with BIB

Coming in second place, and winning 2500 Rebel Cash is…


with FTGF

For third place, and winning a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash is…


with Homiekizz

Honourable Mentions

Never Back Down, by brattybottom

Welcome, by brattybottom

Rebel Doge, by Mariebeth

A huge congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who participated in this sticker contest! We always love seeing all the fantastic entries that are sent in for submission. On behalf of the Contest Team, we sincerely hope that you enjoyed this contest and we look forward to your participation in the next one. Until then, farewell!

– anya, Brigadier General

~RNM Contest Team~


throw some glitter

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